Last week, we featured a full-scale scene of zombie mayhem made entirely out of lego, from the 2008 BrickCon. There's something amazing about an artist creating such a detailed scene, especially when they manage to tell a story at the same time. But zombies aren't the only subject to have been immortalized in an incredibly detailed diorama — there are some amazing miniature epics featuring Halo, Star Wars, The Matrix and Hellboy. Here are five of our favorites.Counting down...

5. Arian Camilleri's Shudderblind website mostly consists of his efforts in portraiture photography. His series of photos featuring a miniature skeleton is captivating. They're both comic and tragic, making the little guy the Hamlet of the miniature form. Standing, lying down or in a pile of ash, the skeletal hero is almost too human to bear. There's something about the loneliness of the skeleton's plight that's more hopeless-feeling than three of the four Saw sequels.

4. Erik Deutscher's Animal Instinct Studios uses Star Wars and other scifi elements to create sprawling scenes with insane amounts of detail. His talent for photography brings the whole thing to life. Check out this awsome fight between a bunch of stormtroopers and rebels in a forest setting:

3. This diorama, built to advertise Halo 3, stands 12 feet tall and is peopled with 8 to 19-inch hand-crafted figures. Sure, it was made for a marketing campaign, but hey, that was one hell of a campaign. And any scene that ranges 12 feet high has to be enough to grab your attention.

2. Lego miniaturist Andrew Lee is doing plenty of exciting work with the materials you played with as a child, featuring robots made out of Lego and mechas that are worth taking a long look at. He did some of his best work with the machinery from The Matrix, putting more consistency into his designs than the Wachowskis did into the last two films.

1. Unlike most of our other miniaturists, Greg Easton's talents are less on the technical side, and more on the conceptual tip. Based in Cranston, Rhode Island, Easton has a talent for using off-the-shelf figurines to create something captivating and amusing, as in this Hellboy series.