Click to viewIn a move that surprises no comic fan, it's beginning to look a lot like the villain in Marvel Studios' The Avengers movie will be the computer-generated, green-skinned star of The Incredible Hulk. As screenwriters and directors from this summer's two Marvel movies hint at a gamma-powered bad guy for 2011's team-up blockbuster, we ask: Couldn't they do something a little less obvious?Talking to MTV's Splash Page blog, Iron Man screenwriter Mark Fergus explains why he's rather see the Hulk cause trouble than any classic Avengers villain like Kang or the Skrulls:

You don’t want like 10 super-badass good guys fighting together. Where’s the fun in that? Let’s break it off a little. Friends or colleagues who become enemies is always an interesting thing because you know it’s based on love and friendship and that’s always the worst thing to have turn bad — is someone you actually care about and someone you actually believe in... Good guys going against good guys who both believe in an issue is way more interesting than a villain clearly into evil and I like when former friends become committed enemies.


The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier is also onboard with the Hulk-as-villain idea:

I left the door open for whoever’s going to direct ‘The Avengers’ with our last shot. Edward [Norton] and I, we consciously decided to make the last shot of the movie when he opens his eyes and he smirks at the camera... Is he enjoying it? Is he malicious? That’s what’s great about Edward. You don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy.

First off, Ed Norton? Definitely a bad guy. Secondly, the Hulk being the first villain/monster/menace that the Avengers face comes as absolutely no surprise, because it's already two different shade of canon — both Marvel's Mighty Avengers and The Ultimates fought the Hulk before they fought anyone else (Although in both cases, Thor's half-brother Loki was the cause of much of the mischief — Spoiler alert, I guess). It also seems somewhat fitting, because Marvel Comics - especially in the Silver Age - has always loved the old "When Heroes Clash!" plot device as a way of creating dramatic tension in lieu of an actual plot. But the fact that we've seen it before is what was making us hope that we wouldn't be seeing it in the Avengers movie. Personally, I was hoping for the cinematic debut of the Space Phantom. But what do you think? Should the movie go for the classic "We must stop the Hulk!" plot, or try to break new ground? ‘Iron Man’ Writers Want Hulk To Be ‘The Avengers’ Villain [Splash Page]