After all the pre-release back and forth over whether Captain America would make some kind of appearance in this summer's The Incredible Hulk, it turns out that he was there all along... In the original, previously-unseen version of the opening scenes. With the imminent DVD release of the movie, fans can see what they missed the first time around... namely, one very cold man with a shield.In the 145-second alternate opening for the movie found on the special edition DVD, Bruce Banner ends up hulking out in the Antarctic and causing an avalanche... that knocks free a particularly familiar hunk of ice:


(In case you don't see it, look for the shield in the left of that pic, towards the center of the height. Image courtesy Rope of Silicon.) How this jibes with the shield appearing on Tony Stark's worktable in the earlier Iron Man, I'm not entirely sure - unless it's as simple as it being another shield - which may have been one of the reasons why the scene was cut. Alternatively, it may just be that wiser heads prevailed and decided that they didn't want to see such an important scene for Captain America appear anywhere other than his own movie, due in 2011. The Incredible Hulk is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 21st. Found: Captain America in The Incredible Hulk [FilmSchoolRejects]