Spoiler time! Bill Murray dropped another Ghostbusters-related bombshell yesterday, and it sounds as though the team could look quite different in a possible third movie. Also, there are a ton of pics of the Transformers 2 filming, showing our favorite Autobot in action. Speaking of pics, some Heroes stills show a half-naked Petrelli family spat. Inside sources explain exactly why Lost's Oceanic Six have to return to the island. Plus there are crazy spoilers for Quarantine, Knight Rider, My Own Worst Enemy, Life On Mars and Sarah Connor Chronicles. Ghostbusters 3: Bill Murray doesn't know much about the new Ghostbusters sequel storyline, but he really wants there to be a female ghostbuster. This may or may not be part of a scenario where the old gang hands off the mantle to a new group of ghostbusters, but either way, Murray thinks there are some funny women out there, who could join the crew. Start the write-in campaign for Tina Fey now! [MTV Movies] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: New photos of the shooting at the "Boneyard" don't reveal much, except a whole mess of military planes, and Bumblebee on set. More pics at the link.[Mentallapse via Seibertron]

Our sister blog Jalopnik also had some pics of the shooting, and put a name to the Chevy Beat: it'll be a Transformer known as Skids. More pics at link. [Jalopnik]

Another eyewitness says Sideswipe and the blue Chevy Volt were also there, along with the red-and-green Chevy Trax. And they filmed a scene with a giant sheet of metal (possibly a stand-in for something) with a booming voice coming from it that sounded like Megatron or Jetfire, sounding really pissed off and loud. [Transformers Live] Quarantine: Wow, this movie sounds better and better. Star Jennifer Carpenter says she has tons of scenes where she runs around screaming, and the director kept telling her "More! More!" She plays a news reporter, who's doing a puff piece on local firefighters but then gets trapped in a building with a bunch of people suffering a mutant strain of rabies. [Sci Fi Wire] And here are some more cast interviews. [IGN] Lost: So why do all of the Oceanic Six have to return to the island? It's not a mystical thing, it's pure science, according to Ben actor Michael Emerson. And now sources are claiming that the reason all six of the escapees are needed is because they must fan out to a set of Dharma Initiative stations all over the planet. These stations are the key to getting back to the island, which has been transported in space and/or time. And we may already have seen one of these stations before. [E! Online] Meanwhile, the show is casting a character named Hajer, a Tunisian local "doctor" who may not have a medical degree, but has the experience to cope with whatever the harsh desert throws at him. He has a tough bedside manner but knows how to get the job done. [SpoilersLost] Heroes: Jack Coleman, who plays HRG, says his partnership with Sylar will get broken up during the "Villains" story arc, but they'll come back together in a dramatic way towards the end of the arc. Their partnership is a major part of the "Villains" storyline. And it doesn't sound as though HRG is ever going to be getting superpowers, except maybe temporarily. [BuddyTV] In Monday's episode of Heroes, Peter Petrelli is so desperate, he can't even afford a shirt any more. And this upsets his mom. Luckily, he gets to have homoerotic incesty violence with his bro Sylar. Here are the pics to prove it. [Heroes Spoilers]

And here's a new promo that shows Arthur Petrelli in his full naughtiness. [Filipino Video Blogger]

Smallville: This year, Chloe is caught between her good-girl Jimmy's bride persona and her dark side, which is drawn to Davis Bloome and wants to destroy stuff, because of the Brainiac inside her. You won't see as much of Clark and Chloe investigating stuff together — it'll be more Clark and Lois doing that. And Chloe definitely does marry Jimmy, but it's rumored that she dies and gets resurrected afterwards, or something. [TV Guide] My Own Worst Enemy: Here's a look into the cast of the new show about the guy with a faulty microchip in his brain, put there by the same guys who put a spy database in Chuck's brain. (I wonder if the two shows will ever cross over?) Sorry, video is U.S.-only, because NBC hates foreigners. [NBC]