This morning's spoilers include our first look at Amy Acker in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse — and it's not the same old Fred. Plus, we read some script pages from Sarah Connor Chronicles and Smallville, including a crucial turning point for Chloe and Jimmy. Some Doctor Who commentary tracks let you know a bit about what to expect from the Christmas special and the specials appearing in 2009. Director Gil Kenan explains the meaning, and aesthetic, behind City Of Ember. Plus there are killer spoilers for Fringe, Chuck and Heroes. Spoilers can be killers, but they also bring life. City Of Ember: The core message of the film is that we have finite resources, says director Gil Kenan. And it's intended to be claustrophobic, and to show us the inner workings of lots of giant machines. He seems to be okay with describing his film as "steampunk." The film never really explains why the humans had to go live underground in the first place, it's just an unspecified calamity. [Premiere] Dollhouse: So you might have heard that Amy Acker (Angel) will be in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse as Dr. Claire Saunders, with a distinctive scar on her face. But you haven't glimpsed that scar — until now. Here's the first image of Acker's new look, from Sci Fi Magazine. [Amy Acker Fan]

Doctor Who: As someone pointed out yesterday, there are some spoilers in the commentary tracks for season four for upcoming storylines. Apparently you'll hear the phrase "cache of info stamps" at some point in the 2008 Christmas special. A character named Aubrey Fairchild meets a terrible death in the special. And the Hub set from Torchwood has been trashed for use in filming the Who Christmas special. (I still wonder if those pics of the trashed set weren't from the filming of Torchwood. Maybe the two shows cross over somehow? Why would the Doctor visit the Hub again so soon? I thought the special only took place in Victorian England.) Also, a scene with the Shadow Proclamation, featuring monsters from throughout the series, was written but not filmed. But it'll appear during one of the 2009 special episodes, at David Tennant's request. And don't hold your breath for the Ice Warriors — Russell T. Davies loves them, but thinks they're "generic." River Song is not the Doctor's wife — "it's more complicated than that," says Steven Moffat. Also, the Doctor's cameo in the Sarah Jane Adventures would have helped explain why K-9 isn't in the series, but it could still happen in SJA season three. [Den Of Geek] Fringe: Not every mysterious occurrence will turn out to be connected to Walter's research. But a lot of Walter's research was stolen from him, and he's lost his memory of some of it. There will be more people looking for Peter, and he's on the run from the mob for complex reasons. We'll find out more about Peter's mom at some point, and she's still a pivotal figure in Peter's and Walter's lives. We'll be seeing more of the mysterious Observer, who's been in the backdrop of every episode so far, and he's not actually an alien. And his mysterious writing will be explained. [E! Online] And here's a link to a video podcast where the show's producers discuss important insights about the show's characters, plus the Pattern. We'll soon learn more about Olivia and why she's a cop. And William Bell is like Walter's doppleganger. [Fox via Fringe Television] Also, in the Oct. 14 episode, the one about the guy whose body generates electrical surges, Walter and Anna sharea really beautiful moment together that's not just a procedural thing for once. [TV Guide via SpoilerTV] Heroes: Another new character! Yay! We'll meet a guy named David who is "teen angst incarnate" and gives our heroes quite a bit of trouble during next spring's "Fugitives" arc. I was just saying to myself, "What Heroes really needs is some teen angst." [EW] Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Richard Schiff (The West Wing) will turn up in the season's tenth episode as someone who's come back from the future to help the machines. Also in that episode: Adam Busch (Buffy's killer nerd) who plays a character too spoilery to reveal, apparently. [EW] Meanwhile, the show's official blog says the next episode (airing a week from Monday) will tell us more about Catherine Weaver's daughter, show us Derek's new love interest (Stephanie Jacobsen), and let us know where Andy Goode's chess-playing computer went. And in the coming weeks, we'll get more details on Derek's "past in the future," see more of that bloody list, and see episodes called "Complications" and "Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today." Sarah Connor will get a new obsession, and James Ellison will finally meet the Connors. [Fox] Meanwhile, SpoilerTV got hold of some casting sides for the 13th episode of the season. (As usual for this show, they're not actual pages from the script, and some names have been changed. It's entirely possible none of this stuff will be in the episode.) We meet a guy named Pete who is tracking incidents of a certain medical condition, which all happen to people in remote locations. The condition's symptoms include three red dots, which are talked about the "Abraham" blogs. Supposedly Abraham is a blogger who claims to be a scientist working on a top-secret medical project being covered up by the authorities. Then we meet a woman named "Eileen," who lives in an antique trailer and tracks sightings of "Abraham." She has push pins in a map for each sighting, and she's convinced the government is covering something up. She and a woman named Stephanie (Sarah Connor?) decide to go look at the site of the latest sighting. But then it turns out that Eileen is actually a guy named Mark Alan wearing an "Eileen" wig. (It's hard to tell, honestly. But it sounds like Mark and Eileen are the same person.) Mark hangs out with Jill aka Sarah Connor, telling her that the machines "killed Mark Alan, and I thank them for it." The machines gave him a gift — the life he had been scared to lead. Before, he was a cog in the machine, ordinary and repressed. He never knew where the company he worked for was located, because a van with blacked-out windows carried him to the facility every day. Eileen and Stephanie go to a support group for addicts, because this will somehow lead to Stephanie finding out more about the red dots. She's been having nigthmares about them and arguing with her boyfriend about them. Meanwhile, Charley Dixon goes to a priest to talk about the fact that his dead wife was pregnant in 2001 and decided to have an abortion right after 9/11 because she didn't want to bring a child into that type of world. And Sarah Connor threatens a warehouse worker with a gun, thinking he's stolen an important box. But he turns out to be innocent. [SpoilerTV] Smallville: SpoilerTV got hold of some casting pages for Smallville's big wedding episode, "Bride." There's lots of huge prep going on at the Kent Farm, with pots boiling and stuff, and Lois is in the middle of it, multitasking with her bluetoothy swankness. "It's eleven hundred hours, people. We've only got til sunset to change this heifer house into my little cousin's chapel of love, so let's pick up the pace." She tweaks the flower arrangements and bosses the catering staff. Clark accidentally runs into two guys carrying a giant ice sculpture wrapped in burlap. The sculpture starts to fall, but Clark catches it easily. Then he has to feign difficulty, because the statue weighs 300 pounds and the guys are shocked that Clark can lift it. The wedding is lovely and when Jimmy kisses the bride, he gets fancy and dips her. Later, Clark is standing on the landing at the wedding reception, watching Chloe and Jimmy kiss, and he sees Lois chatting with an attractive male guest. He is stricken by double jealousy, which is like his kryptonite. (Well, his other kryptonite, I guess.) But then he snaps out of it, because it's his time to dance with Chloe. And you know, she's had the time of her life, and she's never felt this way before. Meanwhile, we see friendly paramedic Davis Bloome dumping two giant garbage bags full of bloody stuff. A rent-a-cop sees Davis and offers to help with whatever call he's on. Davis says it was a false alarm, but then the rent-a-cop spots one of Davis' bloody latex gloves and gets suspicious. Davis' hands start to shake, and he warns the rent-a-cop to get out of there. The rent-a-cop says he's not leaving till the real cops get there. Davis' eyes turn blood red and he yells "Run!" The rent-a-cop shoots him, to no avail. Still later, Clark's at the hospital, looking at Lana on a gurney with a wounded leg, knowing it's all his fault. She sees him and they have a conversation, which is crossed out. [SpoilerTV] Just how trashy is Maxima the alien sex queen going to look in tonight's episode? What do you think?

Meanwhile, you may or may not see Lex this season, but you'll definitely hear him at some point soon-ish. [E! Online] Also, in the 12th episode, Clark and Lana have a dinner date, but it's just two old friends reconnecting. Or is it? And meanwhile, Lana meets Tess, and the ex-wife-vs.-devoted-follower sparks fly. [SVGurl] And here are some pics from episode 5, "Committed," including that Kryptonite lie detector. Yeah. [Smallville Spoilers]

Chuck: Woot, here are some pics from 2.03, "Chuck Vs. The Breakup" and 2.05, "Chuck Vs. Tom Sawyer." Including a look at new Buy More muckety muck Emmet in action. [SpoilerTV]