One of our favorite artists, Joe Alterio, has given us two reasons to rejoice. First, he just released this piece of "concept art" for a graphic novel based on his amazing series of "Robots And Monsters" images. And secondly, he explained how you can get your very own robot/monster artwork — based on topics of your choosing — and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation at the same time. A few of our favorite Alterio images are below.

When it comes to the Robots And Monsters graphic novel, Alterio says he won't give away too many plot details, "but suffice to say, it has a lot of robots and monsters." That's pretty much all he has to say, as far as I'm concerned. Meanwhile, the EFF says Alterio has relaunched his site, Robots And Monsters: A Charitable Menagerie, as a fundraiser for the electronic civil liberties organization. Here's how it works: You give Joe $50 along with three words or phrases to work from, and he creates an original robot/monser illustration for you. He sends you the original piece of art and posts it in his gallery. And the money goes to the EFF to help stop electronic wiretapping and other abuses. Last year, Alterio did something similar for the SF AIDS Foundation, along with other artists, and managed to raise over $10,000. So let's hope his EFF fundraiser is just as successful this year. [Alterio and EFF]