Spoilers rule! An inside source has dropped some knowledge about the secrets of the most impressive giant robot yet, in Transformers 2. There's also the motherlode of Heroes spoilers, including some hints about the tail end of volume three, "Villains." We found out exactly what the science fiction plot twist of My Own Worst Enemy is. Another day, more crazy Doctor Who rumors. We got hold of some Eureka script pages. Plus Jorge Garcia drops some Lost hints, the Life On Mars producers use the word "mythology," and we got hold of the first picture of the shiny Y-wing bombers from Star Wars: Clone Wars. Plus spoilers for Chuck, Smallville, Fringe and Stargate Atlantis. Yay spoilers! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The seven Constructicons that will merge to form the super-robot Devastator are a red O&K/Tyrex hydraulic mining excavator, a yellow Caterpillar wheel loader, a green Caterpillar dump truck, a silver/white Mack cement mixer, a red Komatsu articulated dump truck, a yellow Kobelco truss crane and a beige Caterpillar bulldozer. That's according to an inside source. [TFW2005] Lost: As you'd gathered, Hurley is spending a lot of time with Ben, who does most of the talking — but Hurley hasn't quite come around yet to feeling like he should get back to the island. And Hurley is still talking to dead people, but it doesn't even faze him any more. Also, Jorge Garcia doesn't know if the Oceanic Six will ever become friends again. [E! Online] Doctor Who: I can't tell if this is fanfic or a genuine unfounded rumor — but either way, people are hinting that Patrick Stewart isn't actually playing the Meddling Monk on Doctor Who. Instead, he's playing Rassilon, founder of Time Lord society. [PlanetGallifrey] Life On Mars: The American remake of the British time-travel cop show has a plan for its complex mythology of why/how Sam Tyler ended up in 1973. The producers already know where it's going to end up, and they know what's really going on with Sam. So even though they have a million options besides the "Sam's in a coma" option, they do have an ending in mind. Really. Also, the show takes place on the lower East side. Also, Phyllis may not show up in the pilot, but you'll see her eventually. Oh, and the thing of Sam's girlfriend Maya being abducted in 2008 will be resolved early in the show's run. We won't be dealing with any time paradoxes or worries about Sam changing his own past, or anything like that. Oh, and that thing in the second episode, where Sam writes down 13 options for what's happened to him on a blackboard? He actually only thinks of 12 options. The 13th is a question mark. "That's the one he hasn't thought of yet. That's the one that scares him most of all. It's stuff like he's alternating on two separate planes of reality at the same time, that kind of thing, and in the second episode you'll see the full list of options," says producer Josh Appelbaum. [Sci Fi Weekly] My Own Worst Enemy: Superspy Edward Albright starts switching back to his "normal" identity, suburban family man Henry Spivey, at crucial moments, like in the middle of a fight. That's because the microchip in Henry/Edward's brain has started to break down and the two personalities are starting to merge. Which spells chaos! The two personalities start communicating, like by writing stuff on their hands. And later they find more high-tech ways of communicating. (Message boards?) Also, Edward speaks 13 languages. (But one of them is a question mark. Just kidding.) Henry is more in touch with his heart, while Edward is the opposite. [Sci Fi Wire] Eureka: The show about the super-genius town put out some casting pages for episode 11, featuring Tess Fontana, a mad scientist. Sheriff Carter and Tess wind up turning intangible and invisible. At first, Carter thinks they're dead — but they can still touch each other, and there are no other ghosts around. Tess wants to take advantage of the opportunity to moon Allison. Later, she enlists the aid of H.J. Johnson — who detests her scientific heterodoxy — to use a toaster to bring her and Carter back to the third dimension. [Casting pages]


Heroes: At least one recurring character on Heroes won't survive to the end of the season. There are only, like, 27 characters to choose among. [E! Online] And here's the official blurb for episode 7, "Eris Quod Sum":

Trapped and terrified, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) and Tracy (Ali Larter) fight for their lives against a much-changed, monstrous Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) to free themselves, Maya (Dania Ramirez) and the doctor’s other “test subjects.” Elle (guest star Kristen Bell) returns, with a shock for Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and her family. Meanwhile, aware of Peter’s (Milo Ventimiglia) ruthless take down by her rivals at Pinehearst, Angela (Cristine Rose) reaches out to convince Sylar (Zachary Quinto) to save his brother. Since he won’t sign up with the Villains, Daphne (guest star Brea Grant) is ordered by her boss to go back and kill Matt (Greg Grunberg) — or be killed herself. While in awe of the African precog’s power, Hiro (Masi Oka) still questions Usutu’s (guest star Ntare Mwine) advice on how to best face his gathering opponents.


[SpoilerTV] That thing we mentioned before, about how Hiro gets regressed to ten years old and forgets everything that's happened? Apparently it's the doing of the Haitian, who messes with his brain. Ando has to help Hiro get his head back together and remember how to use his powers. Ando is like the Obi-Wan to Hiro's Luke. And it's all an excuse for Hiro to say "Yatta!" again. Yeah, I know. Oh, and we don't know why Future Ando killed Future Hiro — which one of them was evil? Only the Future knows. [E! Online] In episode eight of the new season, we see a bit more of how HRG put all those villains away in the first place. And we see how HRG and Elle were complicit in creating Sylar. There's a whole HRG-Elle backstory that we haven't seen yet. Can you wait? I cannot wait! [BuddyTV] We don't really see Hiro or Ando interacting with the other season one heroes until episodes eight or nine, and then Hiro interacts with ones he didn't really see that much of before. And in next week's episode, Claire and HRG have a showdown, as you might have guessed from the trailer, and Claire ends up bonding with Sylar while they fight the Vortex villain. Also, not only does Nathan take Tracy home to confront his mom, he uncovers the shocking secret of another hero. And Arthur Petrelli has been conspiring with another hero's father. (Parkman?) [E! Online again] Not enough Heroes spoilers? Here's a bit more. Episode 12 is called "Our Father," and it includes two characters traveling back in time to that moment on a rooftop where Kaito Nakamura gave baby Claire to HRG. The Niki/Tracy mess doesn't involve clones. Parkman's dad, Maury, was locked up in Level 5 when everyone escaped, so we'll be seeing him again. By episode nine, we'll know all about Peter, Nathan and Sylar's powers, and if their powers are related somehow. Isaac's dad, Carlos Mendez, is one of the Company's founders. Not all the founders' kids are related, but there is one "genetic trend." (Huh?) Peter can use Jesse's shouty power. Claire's biological mom is immune to all types of fire. Your favorite webisode character, Postie, will appear in episode 13, "War." We'll see the first time Sylar ever killed, in episode eight. Hiro gets to hang out with that African turtle in episode 10. And before the end of Volume 3, we'll learn Hiro's mother's powers. [Heroes News And Spoilers] Smallville: Here's the official blurb for episode six, "Prey":

Clark looks into a recent attack in a theater that may be the work of a serial killer. Suspecting it could be someone who is meteor-infected, he demands that Chloe release the names of the people she is counseling at the Isis Foundation, which causes a rift between the friends. Davis fears that his blackouts could mean that he is the serial killer and collects evidence that may implicate him. Fearing the worst, he confesses his suspicions to Chloe.

[Smallville Spoilers] Clark is going to be getting edgier and saving the world. And Lois may have some angst when Lana comes back, because she's starting to realize how much she actually feels for Clark. And some smouldering will happen between Lois and Clark. [TV Guide] Chuck: Here's a red-carpet interview with the cast of Chuck. [BuddyTV]

Stargate Atlantis: In episode 18, "Identity," Keller's body gets taken over by someone else's mind, and people eventually figure it out. But the team finds that if they try to kill the occupying entity, Jennifer will die too. And in episode 19, "Vegas," not only is Sheppard a cop, but Woolsey is an FBI agent. [SpoilerTV] Star Wars: Clone Wars: In this Friday's episode, "Shadow of Malevolence," Anakin, Ahsoka and Plo Koon launch Y-wing bombers to try and destroy General Grievous' warship, the Malevolence, and its destructive ion cannon. And the Y-wing bombers are new and shiny, instead of the dinged up things you see in Episodes Four and Five. [Warner Bros.]


Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.