As America descends into anarchy and destruction, the Russian president has declared the era of the U.S. over. So what are we in for? Soviet architecture in the 1930s and 1940s was cloud-touching stuff, as this exhibit of unrealized Soviet architectural fantasies proves. With the tables turning, can we expect to see the result of the big Soviet style? Click to see what exactly we might be up against...architecturally.Conventional wisdom might have it that this was the Moscow that never existed, but plenty of the ideas here did survive, even if the buildings didn't. People's Соmmissariat of Heavy Industry, A. Vesnin, V, Vesnin, S. Lyaschenko, 1934:

Another competition produced this design, which has a more modern version in this Moscow apartment building:

The Рalace of Technology А.Samoylov, B.Yefomovich. 1933:

The fact the Russian showcase for achievement in science never came about in actuality is ironic, but you can be glad that the design sense of this Palace, which was to sit at the edge of a river, was carried over into the Ice Palace:

Building of the People's Defence Commissariat, Lev Rudney, 1933:

Though this monster never came to pass, Lev Rudnev designed many buildings in the city, including this one, which incredibly belongs to a University.

Palace of Soviets, Boris Iofan, 1934

160 entries were submitted for the Palace of the Soviets in 1933. Today there's a new palace on the block, and it's called the Russia Tower, which will be completed in 2012:

In the rubble of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow turned to Norman Foster for a new vision with this tower. While some lament the demise of Russian's architectural history, we have always been scared of giant penises in the sky. Unrealised Moscow [Schusev State School of Architecture]