Even Treeple need to look fly. Have you ever been exposed to toxic waste in the forest only to transform into a half man, half tree beast, hell-bent on revenge for your forest of fallen leafy brothers? Sure, but what are you gonna wear? Well fake 70s horror movie Night Of The Treeple creator Alex Pardee now has a line of Treeple inspired hoodies and t-shirts from Hurly. A gallery of Treeple clothes await you plus some Treeple goodness await you plus some footage of real Treeple.

You may remember some of Alex Pardee's previous work with the block head tale of Chadman. He's a fantastic artist so I'm so glad that Hurly let him come out with these creepy tree-line. My personal favorite is the businessman Treeple. The T's and hoodies are available at Hurly right now, and will be popping up in other stores.