Not too long after Janet Jackson went for the Tron gear, Janet-wannabe Ciara just sported this Barbarella-inspired getup for her new music video, "Go Girl." Complete with metal bra and weird cyber-girdle. I like the Drill Thrall look, but I'm not sure how many quatloos I would put on her. And the reaction over at the Livejournal peanut gallery, Ohnotheydidn't, was even more scathing. More pics below.

Comments include:

she has no waist =/ this is not a good look for her

she looks like she is being electrocuted

That first outfit is like futuristic granny panties to the extreme.

looks like grandma underwear and aluminium foil.

why does futuristic always mean shiny, tacky clothes?

Which is really a good question, when you think about it. [Ohnotheydidnt ]