Star Trekkin, New York city's own Star Trek improv team, tosses aside the whole tired improv shitck of yesterday and invites the audience to journey across space to uncharted planets with a new adventure filled with red alerts, phasers and just a little bit of that Trek romance. It's the first Friday of every month, including this Friday.

While each performance differs, the crew has a well blended smattering of classic Trek personalities that were thankfully able to deliver a collection of laugh-out-loud moments. Honestly I really treasured a lot of the characters from my performance including the lovely female Captain (Katherine Caldwell) and an inoculation-jonesing Medic (Aaron D. Saenz). Any improv group that is going to make fun of a tattoo-wearing secret monk society that doesn't actually help โ€” but saves the day in the end โ€” is aces in my captain's log, especially when they try and rip said tattoos off. The good news is the group's improv isn't too Trek-heavy for non-fans, with lots of jokes that will work for anyone. But the crew still throws in enough fan humor that keep it in the galactic quadrant of fun.

The show is a full hour on the first Friday of each month (that's this Friday) at Sage Theatre (711 7th Avenue) at 10 PM. Go this week, because I think the crew may be taking a break for a bit after that. Oh, and there's a bar. [Star Trekkin]