A bit of a light spoiler day today, but there are still some pretty awesome bits of news. The director of the movie adaptation of Jose Saramago's classic novel Blindness talks a bit about the movie's themes, and there are new pics from Quarantine. Plus some new hints about Lost, and a telltale set pic from Heroes. We also have a new pic from Friday's second episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars. And there are new hints about the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Smallville. Also, we have a caption contest: can you figure out what people are saying in our picture from an upcoming episode of Knight Rider? Spoilers can challenge your creativity! Blindness: The movie version of Jose Saramago's novel is about a group of people losing their humanity and then finding it back, plus making their own family and stuff, according to director Fernando Meirelles. And there are lots of little changes, but the major plot points from the book are the same, and so is the last line. [Sci Fi Wire] Quarantine: Here are some more promo images from the remake of the Spanish horror film [Rec]. [Movies Spoilers]

Star Wars: Clone Wars: Here's a still from the second episode of Clone Wars that airs this Friday. General Grievous gets hold of a mysterious, all-powerful weapon. And he gets Master Plo Koon and a bunch of clone troopers pinned down, in a desperate situation, with only Anakin and Ahsoka available to come to the rescue. [Warner Bros.]

Sarah Connor Chronicles: We're supposed to be wondering if Cameron is actually feeling any emotions, or just simulating them, and it's an unresolved issue as to whether anything lingers in Cameron's robot brain from her stint of thinking she's Alison this week. [SpoilerTV] Heroes: Here's a set photo from the Heroes set, where Daphne the speedster arrives in a taxi. Why does Daphne need a taxi? Are her powers on the blink? [WatchingHeroes]

Lost: Jorge Garcia was just shooting a scene set in jail. And all the peeps on the island will learn the truth about Jin's fate at the same time as we do, in episode four. [EW] Smallville: When the Brainiac-possessed Chloe finally goes off at her wedding reception, it's like a mixture of Cloverfield and the Blair Witch Project. [EW] Knight Rider: What do you think is happening in this promotional photo from next week's episode, "Knight Of The Iguana"? I feel like we should have a caption contest for this photo. What do you think they're saying? [Knight Rider Online]

Also, there are some casting calls for episode 11, "Don't Stop The Knight." We meet Carrie Rivai's physician father Lawrence, who doesn't approve of her decision to join the FBI. There's an easy-going, self-assured pilot named Gus and his hot-dog co-pilot Josh. Plus a paramedic who gets Zoe up to speed at the scene of a major explosion, a pulmonary surgeon who takes care of Carrie in the ICU, and a construction worker who can't believe it when KITT blows past blocked traffic. [SpoilerTV] And we also got hold of some actual script pages for that episode. Lucky us! Mike is searching for Olara, the foxy ambassador that he tried to rescue in the previous episode, but instead Carrie gets caught up in an explosion and barely survives. And Mike and KITT chase Gus' cargo plane on the highway, as it smashes its landing gear on an overpass. Dood! Emerson, the paramedic who saves Carrie, has to rush off to deal with all the massive injuries left by Mike's crazy driving through a construction zone. Funny! [Casting sides]