Even as you vote for which one-dimensional character will star in more upcoming Heroes webisodes โ€” Santiago the religious mechanic or Audrey the angry Parisian teen โ€” it seems as though NBC has already chosen the winner. Our faith in the voting process is destroyed! Spoiler TV got it's hands on casting information the next installments of the Heroes webseries. Wanna know who will endeavor to replace infamous Postie the screaming postal worker as our next online fave?

According to Spoiler TV NBC is already casting for Estaban, Santiago's friend and football teammate:

[ESTABAN] 21. MALE. Hispanic. Santiago's friend and teammate. Athletic build. CO-STAR

Which can only mean that we're getting a hero with the power of accelerated probability who runs really, really fast. Bah, but does he deliver the mail? [Spoiler TV]