There's a whole weekend's worth of spoilers to share with you today — including the dirt on some more Transformers 2 filming, and a new clip from the post-apocalyptic film City Of Ember. We have the craziest Doctor Who rumor you've heard in ages, and there are some more shocking set reports from Lost. And we've read some script pages from Sarah Connor, Chuck and Knight Rider. And there are wild new spoilers and vids from Smallville, Heroes, Fringe, Eleventh Hour and Stargate Atlantis. Start your week in the spoiler zone! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The Transformers sequel is seeking a bunch of extras to play "airport travelers" in a big scene being shot soon. Also, the film is shooting a big sequence in a place called the "boneyard" where the dead military jets go to die, which could lead to a sequence where a lot of jets get blown up. [Transformers Live] City Of Ember: Here's another clip from one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the fall. [IGN]

Doctor Who: More bugshit insane Doctor Who rumors. First of all, there are whispers that Patrick Stewart is so happy with Hamlet costar David Tennant, he wants to appear on Doctor Who in 2009, so they can take their relationship to the next level. Stewart's character would have no facial prosthetics, but sport a killer costume, and he's a significant enough figure that he could be brough back. And Stewart doesn't want to play a "good guy." One theory: Picard could revive the role of the Meddling Monk, the mischievous member of the Doctor's own time-traveling race, last seen in 1966. Meanwhile, a guy who knows a guy who talked to a guy says the long-distant fifth season will start with a Dalek two-parter written by new showrunner Steven Moffat, and will also feature the Zygons, the Ice Warriors and a non-contemporary Celtic companion. [Planet Gallifrey] Lost: More Lost filming, more detailed spoilers. The show took over a swimming pool and transformed it into the high seas for some watery filming. In one scene, Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ken Leung, Rebecca Mader, and Jeremy Davies are in a raft, paddling like mad. And the onlooker was pretty sure Terry O'Quinn (Locke) was in the lead. They're on rough waves, hit with lighting and rain. Sawyer yells for them to turn back. But then they spot something and row towards it. A second scene involved a big red-and-black rescue raft full of new characters, arguing in French. One of them spots something in the distance, and they look using a flashlight, then row towards the object. (Are the two craft rowing towards each other? Or something else?) And then there was a sequence where a large wooden door, splintered at the top, has a man laying motionless on it, floating on the waves. [Hawaii Weblog] And here are some set pics and video which show a military-looking barracks set. [Spoilers Lost] Another sequence being filmed recently involves Ben driving a carpet-cleaning service van, with Sayid riding shotgun, with a limo driving behind them. Both vehicles drive into a parking garage out of the rain. In the back seat of the limo is a short man with white hair. (Maybe Charles Widmore, maybe a new character.) The two vehicles pull into parking spaces, side by side, but facing opposite directions so their windows are facing each other. The limo's chauffeur talks to Ben through the car window. Also there: Jack, sporting a beard and long hair, with a band-aid over his eyes. [SpoilersLost] Star Wars: Clone Wars: Here's a still from the first episode of the Clone Wars series, coming to the Cartoon Network on Friday. Yoda fights off a whole droid army plus Asajj Ventress on a crucial planet that he's trying to negotiate a treaty with. [Warner Bros.]

Heroes: Here are some new pics from tonight's episode of Heroes. Look who's back! [SpoilerTV]

Also, it sounds like a badass FBI agent (along the lines of Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugutive) will turn up in the second half of this season, "Fugitives." [EW] Also, that ubervillain we mentioned? The one who creates a sort of deadly vortex from which you can never return? His name is Stephen Camfield, and he's played by Andre Royo. [Sunday Mercury] Is HRG back with the Company completely? Not exactly. Actor Jack Coleman explains. [Heroes Spoilers]

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Remember those photos of Thomas Dekker in military camo gear we showed you recently? Turns out in the Oct. 6 episode, "Goodbye To All That," John Connor has to go undercover as a student at the Presidio Alto Military Academy to track down the Terminator's latest target, a student named Martin Bedell. [Fox] Meanwhile, a ton of casting sides have come out for episode 12. As usual for Sarah Connor, they're not actual script pages, so they may not represent the actual content of the episode. A young female "field reporter" interviews a guy who found some metal in a ravine, along with bones belonging to Mitch Friedman, who died in 1975. There's archival footage from a 1970 documentary where someone interviews Ruby, a fiesty 70 year old who saw someone throw a bomb into a 1920s speakeasy, causing a deadly fire. Then there's Myron Stark, who wanders around in the 1920s and hassles Valentino, then tries to buy some land from (Raymond?) Chandler, saying he'll pay twice what it's worth. [SpoilerTV] Fringe: And here are some pics from episode five, "Power Hungry." Walter discovers a simple man has the ability to harness electrical power and then runs tests on an electrically charged heart. While Olivia examines a crime scene, and is forced to confront a blast from her past. And Peter finds a confused Olivia outside Walter's lab. Finally, Walter decides to enlist the help of homing pigeons. That wacky Walter. [Fox and Fringe Television]

Eleventh Hour: Here's a trailer for the show about how science must be smushed! Smushed with a big, big hammer made out of Rufus Sewell. [SpoilerTV]

Stargate Atlantis: Can't wait for the second half of the Daniel Jackson-heavy two-parter that started on Friday? Here's a clip from the second episode, which airs Oct. 10. [Cinemablend]

Life On Mars: I just finally watched the second episode of the original British version of this time-travel cop show, and it looks as though the American version will be pretty different. Also, producers say Sam definitely won't get back to the present day at any time in the first season.

"The Real Adventures of the Unreal Sam Tyler" - Is this vintage1973 Sam Tyler real or not? Sam's unbelieving ears clearly hear a radio station announcing that Elvis will perform a concert in memory of his mother, but he's still not sure how or why he landed in these circumstances. Moreover, he doesn't have much time to think about his own predicament. A string of fatal robberies at AAA Money check cashing stores are baffling the 1-2-5, and Sam jumps headlong into the case, which features no forced entries and no witnesses. Even with Lt. Hunt strong-arming the lead suspect, it still takes an unexpected turn of events to make the squad to look within to solve the crime. At the end of the day Sam, in spite of himself, might even experience some true happiness - temporary though it might be


Chuck: We got hold of some more script pages from the Chuck Christmas episode, the one where a gunman named Ned holds the Buy More for ransom. The Buy More employees have a betting pool on what'll happen to a car being chased on the freeway by tons of LAPD vehicles, and then the car crashes right into the Buy More itself. "Pay up, suckers," Anna says. The driver, Ned, holds Chuck at gunpoint. Ned asks who's in charge and everybody points at Chuck and yells his name. Big Mike and Emmett cower. Chuck helps the gunman put the store on lockdown. Ned says "as long as nobody gets brave, nobody gets hurt." Chuck assures him the store has a "strict no-bravery policy." Later, Chuck teaches Ned how to use his gun, which accidentally gets Casey shot in the foot. Jeff and Lester panic and freak out that they're going to be forced to resort to cannibalism. When "Lt. Mauser," the police negotiator, shows up, he negotiates for two hostages to be set free: the injured Casey, and Chuck's "girlfriend" Sarah. Chuck, realizing he's about to lose both his protectors, yells "No!" at the idea of releasing Sarah, and everybody looks at Chuck like he's a monster. A random Buy More employee says: "Oh no he didn't." [Casting sides] And in the following episode, "Chuck vs. The Best Friend," we meet Chuck and Morgan at age 12, plus Suzy O'Keefe, the 12-year-old who punched young Morgan and knocked him down. There's also a Chinese ambassador, the handsome successful Jason Wang, and an androgynous, intimidating female spy named Smooth Lau. (Is there any way we can avoid any more of Morgan's weird Chinese humor?) [SpoilerTV] Meanwhile, as we may have mentioned, Chuck will kiss both Sarah and upcoming guest star Melinda Clarke soon. [Zap2It] Smallville: Here's the official description for episode five, "Committed":

CHLOE TELLS JIMMY HOW SHE FEELS ABOUT CLARK — After they leave their engagement party, Chloe (Allison Mack) and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) are abducted by a psychotic jeweler (guest star David Lewis) who was emotionally scarred by his wife’s infidelity and is now kidnapping couples and subjecting them to a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector that shocks them if they lie. The abductor asks Chloe if she is in love with anyone else. Meanwhile, in an effort to find Chloe and Jimmy, Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) pose as a couple and are kidnapped themselves then, asked how they feel about each other.

I love that the jeweler uses the Kryptonite lie detector to make Chloe confess she loves Clark as well as Jimmy. It makes perfect sense. But what about Davis? I'm a Doe shipper, man. [Smallville Spoilers] So that thing about Lois getting superpowers? Bit of a letdown. She gets possessed by an alien thingy and wreaks havoc, then she has to search for a person who's special to her. [Smallville Spoilers]

Knight Rider: Are you excited for more episodes of Knight Rider? Actually, I don't think "episodes" is a kickin enough word — we should call them "crashisodes" or something. In any case, the not-yet-canceled smart car show put out another big batch of script pages from the upcoming episode called "Don't Stop The Knight." W00t! This is the episode we mentioned, where Mike breaks a guy named Gunner Haas out of prison and hands him over to the "Pussycat Dolls of international assassins." Gunner isn't thrilled, because these are women he screwed (metaphorically) in a business deal. The reason Mike has to spring Gunner from prison is because someone has kidnapped a foxy young ambassador named Olara Kumali. She's foxy, and she'll get hurt unless Mike does the kidnapper's bidding. There's a whole conversation about how Olara has brought peace to central Africa... but they only care because she's hot. After he springs Gunner, he has to steal a super-expensive X-ray machine for the kidnapper, getting himself tasered in the process. The kidnapper gets Olara in an enclosed space and cuts off her air, leaving her only two hours to live. It turns out the kidnapper is Stevens, a Pentagon weapons designer who was fired after he was suspected of selling secrets to the Russians. It turns out Mike is collecting the elements for a SUPERBOMB that will destroy a whole city. Mike uses KITT's self-driving, talking superpowers to trick Stevens into thinking he's inside the car, while Mike sneaks around and rescues the ambassador. But then they get caught. Stevens assembles his superbomb and puts it in KITT's trunk. He rigs it so that if KITT slows below 100 miles per hour, the bomb explodes, destroying everything in a 30 mile radius. Meanwhile, Hank, a plug-in robot that Charles Graiman created years ago, is mad at him because Graiman isn't acknowledging his earliest creations. Hank throws something at Graiman, and tears a page from a magazine showing a young Graiman and his early robots. "Are you feeling lonely, Hank? Because it's okay if you are," says Graiman. Awww. Hank "gives a sad little shrug."