In 2003, artist Sunny Buick conceived and curated SCI-FI Western, an exhibition of art inspired by both science fiction and the American frontier. Taking the analogy of space as the new Old West to the next level, the participating artists juxtaposed B-movie imagery from westerns and science fiction with bizarre and surprisingly poignant results.Buick's inspiration for the exhibition stemmed from our tendency to romanticize both the future and the past:

Why Science Fiction and Westerns? It is our own interpretation, personal myth and pure fantasy about our past and future. Each opened a world of possibilities, we imagined Time machines that would help us undo our errors and we imagined Space machines that would solve all the world’s problems. Who lives in the present? No one. We’re always holding on to an illusion of our glory days or residing in a dreamland of future utopias. The uncharted territory of the mind can be as lonely as the desert or space, chained to mistakes of yesterday or terrified of the shadowy nightmare of tomorrow. We struggle to make sense of the two. In searching our hopes and fears we uncover treasures in memories and the lessons learned. With this knowledge we create the future through our dreams and imagination.

Buick has made the show's catalogue available on Etsy. Sci Fi Western Art Exhibition []