Today's spoilers include a new Transformers 2 set pic that fans are claiming proves certain cars are really Autobots. Also, someone has leaked a detailed plot breakdown of a crucial Lost episode that could mark a huge turning point for Desmond and Penny. There are more details about the fourth episode of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. Plus new spoilers for Quarantine, Heroes, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Smallville. Spoilers ahoy! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: This set picture of the new Chevy Volt and Corvette near White Sands, NM is fueling more speculation that both cars are Autobots. Higher res pic at link. [Transformers 2 - Movie Chronicles]

Quarantine: Here are some new stills from the U.S. remake of the Spanish film [Rec], about a reporter trapped in a quarantined building full of plague assholes. [Shocktillyoudrop]

Dollhouse: Episode four, "Stage Fright," includes a scene where Echo and someone else arrive on a riverbank in the wilderness and unload some as-yet-unspecified stuff. That episode also includes Alison, an African American pop star along the lines of Alicia Keys, Rhianna or Beyonce. Plus an "eerily calm" nerdy fanboy who is physically imposing. And then there's Bill "Biz" Zarella, Alison's manager since she was twelve, and an occasional client of the Dollhouse. [Fox via Whedonesque and SpoilerTV] Sarah Connor Chronicles: New set pics reveal Sarah Connor with a weird new haircut, dressed like Prince circa 1985. She would die 4 u. [SpoilerTV]


Lost: An informed source claims one of these characters will die in the first five episodes of the new season: Juliet, Rose, Sawyer, Miles, Charlotte, Penny, Richard and Frank. There's a poll at the link, but your vote doesn't affect the outcome. [SpoilersLost] Also, the show is seeking an actress, aged 2-3 years old, who can speak Korean. Is this an older version of Ji Yeon? [SpoilersLost] More details on location filming: that Jack/Kate street scene we featured a picture of yesterday involves Jack getting out of his truck and crossing the street to Kate's car. He kneels at the driver-side window, and they have a long conversation. Then Jack leaps to his feet and runs around, jumping in the passenger seat. She zooms off. Then they wind up nearby, on the 16th floor of a local building, possibly with Ben in attendance. And lo, there is video:

Also, that scene we showed another pic of, at the Marina Motel? Was also a Jack/Kate scene, a rainy one. And that big brick building may have been a location in London, featuring Desmond. [Hawaii Blog] Meanwhile, here's a purported breakdown of that Ben/Penny/Desmond episode, which is the fourth or fifth episode of the season. As we start out, Penny and Desmond are living on the run, and Desmond wants a kid. But Penny isn't sure she wants to expose a little kid to their fugitive lifestyle. Then Penny finds out she's pregnant, and the doctor warns about incomprehensible abnormalities in Desmond's sperm. Ben is hot on their trail, and Desmond buys a gun from a street dealer. Ben near catches Desmond a few times, and Desmond has to rescue Penny once. Ben is angry and adrift in the world. Then Ben travels to North Africa and finds a Dharma station located there. There, he finds Widmore's security chief, and tortures the man until he gives up Penny's current location, in Mati. In Mati, Ben knocks out a cook at an oceanfront restaurant and poison's Penny's food. But when he finds out Penny is pregnant, he stops the waiter from delivering the food. But on Penny's boat, docked nearby, Penny is terrible pain and Desmond goes for a doctor. He sees Ben on his knees, weeping, in an alley. Desmond brings the village doctor inside the boat, and the doctor is clueless about what's ailing Penny. He delivers her baby safely, but tells Desmond to rush the boat to a nearby coastal village. Desmond runs from the village and has some kind of crazy body spasms — is he time-traveling again? Are there segments of this episode where Desmond is in another time frame? [Spoilers Lost] Heroes: You know how the fourth chapter of Heroes is called "Fugitives"? It starts in episode 14, and here are our first clues, from a casting call. The show is looking for an Iranian paramedic named Malik, who is assigned to work with a "rather peculiar partner." (Peter, maybe? Or Matt?) And then there's Lauer, the superstar anchor of a major network, who has a high-profile interview with a politician. And finally, there's a four-to-six-year old kid, with brown hair, who's startled by a passing stranger as he rides his tricycle. (The kid may be a recurring role. Could it be one of our heroes as a youngster?) [Heroes Spoilers] Also Greg Grunberg says he's recently filmed some desert scenes in an area filled with paintings of Matt's various actions throughout the course of Heroes. Despite being stranded in Africa, Matt will continue to co-parent Molly with Mohinder. But now that Mohinder is a Brundle-ized freakazoid, Matt and Mohinder may have some conflicts over parenting her. [Crave Online] Smallville: Here are a couple of promo pics from the upcoming episode "Instinct," including possibly the first look at the TV version of Maxima the mating-crazed alien queen. [Superman Homepage]

Alison Mack talked to the CW Source, and they talked about her possible romantic tension with Davis "Doomsday" Bloome. [CW Source]

In the upcoming fifth episode, "Committed," a psychotic jeweler kidnaps Chloe and Jimmy and subjects them to a Kryptonite-powered lie-detector test. Uh-huh. And to track down this psycho, Lois and Clark have to pose as a couple, which is when they have their moment of almost-but-not-quite kissing. Lois plays it to the hilt, but Clark feels uncomfortable. [Smallville spoilers and E! Online] What are Doomsday's powers? Allow Sam Witwer to explain:

Very simple — he’s indestructible. He’s just the toughest guy ever. I was having dinner with Frank Darabont and some friends and he leans over to me and goes, ‘how do you kill Superman’? I said, ‘look, you just beat the hell out of him.’ That’s what Doomsday does in the comic books, he beats the hell out of him until he stops breathing.

[Sam Witwer Fans] And here's Erica Durance's appearance on Attack Of The Show. [Smallville Spoilers] Click to view