Still more Transformers 2 spoilers include your first look at Ratchet, video of stuff blowing up (update: now more watchable!) and a crazy new rumor about Optimus Prime. We also have major spillage from City Of Ember and Repo! The Genetic Opera. There are small but significant disclosures about Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, Fringe, Eleventh Hour, Lost and Smallville. And another huge bunch of weird plot twists on Heroes, the show that says "Hey, look! Weird plot twists!" Spoilers are your story insurance policy. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The Transfomers sequel filmed a big fight scene in the desert, and extras included a "strike force" and Egyptian soldiers. There's a rumor Sam's parents are on set there, along with the movie's main cast. The movie may soon be filming in Ruidoso, which is in the mountains surrounded by forest. And here are some images of Ratchet, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime from the set. (Way more pics at the link.) [Transformers Live]

Also, there's a new report from a toy fair claiming that Optimus Prime will join together with Jetfire to form some kind of awesome truck-jet robot. Awesome! [TFW2005] And here are some behind the scenes videos which show stuff blowing up, from Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. Sorry for picture quality. About the only spoiler here, from what I can gather, is that White Sands, NM is doubling as Egypt. I couldn't watch this video all the way through without my eyes starting to throb a bit though. Update: Here's the proper embed of the Entertainment Tonight video. Hope it doesn't start auto-playing again! Click to view

City Of Ember: Saoirse Ronan only has four scenes with Bill Murray, but they're memorable. And her character is very responsible for her age, because she has to look after her younger sister Poppy and her granny. Plus she has to go to school and start her new job as a messenger. [Sci Fi Wire] Repo! The Genetic Opera: I can't tell if any io9 readers are excited about this Rocky Horror-esque dystopian jaunt, but someone at Ain't It Cool News sorta didn't hate it. A few tidbits: For some reason, in the future people's bodies break down at a much faster rate (pollution?) so everybody needs new organs all the time. And these artificial organs are genetically perfect. Also, the movie's narrator is someone who drains liquid anesthesia out through the noses of corpses. [AICN] And here are some new photos. [Shocktillyoudrop]

Battlestar Galactica: Not all humans are okay with becoming buddies with the Cylons, says Grace Park. Some staunch human loyalists remain anti-Cylon, even though everyone's in the same boat now. Also, John Hodgman ("I'm a PC") has a cameo in an upcoming episode, as a doctor. (Which means it's either a flashback, or they travel someplace where there are doctors besides Cottle.) [Galactica Sitrep and Galactica Sitrep] Lost: Ben's master plan is sort of nonsensical, but everyone who wants to live will go along with it. [E! Online] Sarah Connor Chronicles: The first member of the Connor clan former Agent Ellison meets up with is John Connor, and it goes badly for Ellison. Ellison shows up with Cameron, or at least he's not alone (it's unclear what actor Richard T. Jones means) and it turns out weird. "He's not just coming by himself to say hi, so it's an interesting meeting, and I get the worse end of it." Also, he meets another Terminator, besides Garret Dillahunt, before he meets Cameron. [Sci Fi Wire] Eleventh Hour: In Jerry Bruckheimer's remake of the British stop-the-science show, Rufus Sewell plays a quirky scientist and Marley Shelton plays a by-the-rules agent. Can they get along? Also, in the sixth episode, "Outbreak," they investigate a smallpox outbreak in Pittsburgh, and the outing is actually based on one of the British episodes. At one point, Shelton goes into a crypt with skeletons and shit. In another scene, Shelton and Sewell wear cotton facemasks as they go through the apartment of a victim. She goes through the victim's mail, while he finds a fortune cookie amongst Chinese food boxes: "Good fortune is the result of good planning," which he observes is more a statement than a future prediction. Also, the main difference between the U.S. and British versions is that the U.S. version has more character development, because it's not a miniseries. Also, England has more rural areas than the U.S., claim the producers (no, really), and so it's harder to do stories about plague outbreaks in isolated places. There just aren't any isolated places in America, like all those quaint coal-mining towns in the middle of the English countryside. (Have these people looked at a map of the United States? Like, ever?) [Sci Fi Wire] Chuck: As you may have gathered, Chuck is the best man at Captain Awesome's wedding, and Morgan is the ring-bearer. And Awesome actor Ryan McPartlin hopes his character gets drawn into Chuck's world of espionage at some point, and takes all the credit for saving the day even though it's really all thanks to Chuck. [E! Online] Also, the whole season opener is already online, as I believe Graeme is about to explain in more detail, but if you prefer bite-size chunks, here are a couple of clips and a behind the scenes thingy. [SpoilerTV] And here's an interview with star Zachary Levi. []

Doctor Who: As Russell T. Davies said a while back, the title of the Christmas special is "The Next Doctor." [Blogtor Who] Sarah Jane Adventures: The sexy Doctor Who spinoff is back next Monday, and the Radio Times has a few spoilers. Luke and Clyde use the supercomputer Mr. Smith to play computer games, according to the Radio Times, but they claim it's educational because they're playing out the Napoleonic wars. Also, Maria's mom Chrissie gets up to Sarah Jane's attic to discover what Maria's been up to there, and meets Mr. Smith. And the Trickster, that eyeless villain who erased Sarah Jane from history in season one, is back again in season two. His cube, which Sarah Jane still has, lights up, indicating he's out for revenge. Meanwhile, those Digital Spy people are doing the usual thing of mixing some real spoilers with a couple of red herrings. Several of their spoilers are also in the Radio Times piece. Also, off the top of my head, it makes sense for the Sontarans use their spaceship's usual cloaking device in the woods. And it seems likely that Maria's dad gets a letter telling him of his new U.S. job opportunity. It also seems plausible that a Sontaran's stumpy fingers are its undoing. I highly doubt either of Maria's parents will die though. And here are some behind-the-scenes pics of Sarah Jane's attic. Notice the slightly softer look for Mr. Smith, befitting the fact that he's no longer secretly evil. [Planet Gallifrey and BlogtorWho and Radio Times ]

Fringe: In upcoming episods, Anna Torv has to speak a foreign language. And Joshua Jackson had a copper wire shoved up his nose for one stunt. (Not sure if that's a plot thing, or if it was some weird special effects thing.) [Fringe Television] Smallville: BuddyTV caught up with Alison Mack on the set of Smallville and asked her some questions about the new season. [BuddyTV]

Heroes: The revelation that Sylar is Angela Petrelli's son is just the first of a one-two punch, and the second giant revelation comes in the very next episode, says actor Christine Rose. She thinks of Sylar as her "weapon of mass destruction." And you'll find out a lot in episode eight about why Angela is such a bitch. We'll discover more secret Petrellis Also, we'll learn more about what it was like for Nathan and Peter to have grown up as a Petrelli, as opposed to all these other Petrelli-come-latelys. Oh and the new Ali Larter character will be following the old Ali Larter character into Nathan's bed. [TV Guide and Sci Fi Wire and E! Online] The Haitian will be spending a lot of time with Peter Petrelli and the swinging Petrellis, but he still has a connection with HRG and he'll have some scenes with Hiro and Claire as well. And as we mentioned, he goes back to Haiti to deal with his brother, along with some of the Petrellis, as you saw on the pics we showed recently. [TV Guide] Here's the official synopsis of episode five, "Angels And Monsters":

Armed with H.R.G.'s (Jack Coleman) old files and a taser, Claire (Hayden Panettiere) attempts to take down her first target — Stephen Canfield (Andre Royo), a Level 5 escapee with the ability to create black holes — unaware that others are closing in. Meanwhile, in horror, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) flees from all the death and destruction in the future, only to grimly discover how deeply the experience has changed him. Frustrated that Adam Monroe (guest star David Anders) didn't get them closer to "the formula," Hiro (Masi Oka) takes a stab at becoming friends with Daphne (guest star Brea Grant) and new associate Knox (guest star Jaime Hector), much to Ando's (James Kyson Lee) dismay. Later, Suresh's (Sendhil Ramamurthy) urge to correct research errors puts Maya (Dania Ramirez), among others, in a sticky situation. Linderman (guest star Malcolm McDowell) advises Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) to stick by Tracy (Ali Larter), seeing that they could accomplish great things together. In Africa, Matt (Greg Grunberg) sees his vision of "happily ever after" destroyed.

[Heroes Spoilers] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.