This morning's spoilers include an image from the first episode of Life On Mars that may give you Harvey Keitel-related nightmares. There's also new video and pics from the set of Transformers 2, and more alleged Megatron concept art. A couple of new Doctor Who pics warn of a scary new development. Plus, the stars paused at the Emmys to give tons of hints about Lost and Heroes. All this plus spoilers for Sarah Connor, Chuck and Dollhouse. Did I mention there are spoilers? Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The movie is still filming on that air force base in New Mexico, and they're using a huge C17 cargo plane, loading something mysterious into the back. Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel are there, and so are a ton of tight-looking army types. There are also people dressed as Arabs. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are on set, and so is the silver Corvette. The Can Am Spyder will be in the film, but will look more decked out with a futuristic look to it. Bigger versions of these pics at the link. [Transformers Live]

Meanwhile, writer Roberto Orci says there will be "no triple-changers" in this movie, unless you count combiners. He says they decided triple-changers are a good idea for the third movie. The soda machine, Dispensor, probably won't show up in the sequel. Also, you probably haven't guessed what Soundwave's alt-mode actually will be. [TFW2005] And here are a couple more alleged pieces of concept art of Megatron in his "tank" mode. (Bigger versions at the link.) [TFW 2005]

And here's a video from the set, courtesy of ET. [News4Jax] Click to view Life On Mars: Here are a bunch of new promo photos from the first episode of the American Life On Mars remake. They're almost all similar to the British pilot, except for one scene that I frankly can't make heads nor tails of. Sam is in bed with Maya in the present day... and then Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel) walks into the room. Is this a dream sequence? Some kind of time-hopping chicanery? Having cast Lisa Bonet as Maya, are they now going to find ways to include her in every episode? [SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who: Turns out they shot a scene in the most recent season finale of this time-traveling soap comedy where there are Cybermen in the TARDIS. But it didn't make it into the episode for some reason. (I'm guessing it would have been the last scene, and involved the now-traditional thing of David Tennant going "What? What? What?") But the scene will be included on the season four DVD set. And it presumably sets up a plot point for the Christmas special, unless that plot twist has been eliminated. [BlogtorWho]

Dollhouse: Paul, the FBI agent Tahmoh Penikett plays, is a "lone wolf," and he's also "self-righteous." He's recently divorced, within the past year, and holding onto his job by a shoestring. And he doesn't know where to quit. [Galactica Quorum] Lost: In season five, Ben is "free-floating in the dimensions of geography and time," says Michael Emerson. And Kate is by no means decided in the Jack vs. Sawyer sweepstakes. [EW] The first episode picks up right where season four left off, with Sayid having rescued Hurley from the mental institution. And we see what happens to the island and it's pretty insane. And Hurley gets to wear something cool in episode four. The power struggle between Ben and Widmore heats up in the fourth episode, but Michael Emerson says he doesn't do much in the first four episodes. "I think they're saving up something terrible for me to do here pretty soon." Oh, and there won't be so many person-centric episodes next season. [Zap2It] Meanwhile, actor Rebecca Mader posted a pic on her Facebook profile from the Lost set, including Charlotte standing next to someone wielding a bow and arrow. [SpoilersLost]

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Leven Ramblin says her character, Riley, may get to wield a gun and get involved in stunts at some point. [Media Blvd.] Heroes: So you remember that one of those escaped villains was known as The German? And he has power over metal? So actor Ken Lally, who plays that character, insists his power isn't the same as Magneto's:

What I can tell you is that he is a little closer to metal than Magneto. Magneto just controls it. I can not only control it but I can…well I guess Magneto can sense and feel it…but I think I'm kind of "at one" with it, as a good way to describe it. But I guess Magneto did too. It would seem we are more similar than I thought. Thank you for letting me know.

And in the group of villains, Knox is the "brains" of the operation, Flint is "the party" and the German is "the violence." And the German has a bunch of scenes with one of the show's main characters. [WatchingHeroes] Hiro Nakamura and some other main characters end up in Africa, probably the same part of it where Matt Parkman is. (Africa is, like, a country now. People who live there just call it Africa.) [TV Guide] And Angela Petrelli may actually have more than one power. Also, the whole business of Future Peter floundering around while Present Peter is stuck inside Weevil from Veronica Mars "will go on for longer than people would like to see," says Milo Ventimiglia. (At least he's honest.) Also, around episode five, the Claire-HRG relationship shifts and she stops trusting him so much. She catches up to him in the middle of a mission and sees what he does and how he does it, and then things are never quite the same afterwards. Also, Sylar definitely won't turn good for keeps. [Zap2It] Oh, and that future glimpse we saw, of Ando wasting Hiro? May have been a misunderstanding. It wasn't quite the betrayal it appeared. [Sci Fi Wire] Daphne doesn't only hang out with Hiro - by episode five, she's intersecting with all the other characters and getting involved in some other storylines in a big way. And she has some scenes with Linderman. She's not really evil, just doing what she needs to do to survive. And we'll learn all about her past eventually. [NY Post] Chuck: So when the Buy More's new assistant manager Emmet starts wondering where the famous Chuck Bartowski is (because Chuck is off being a super-spy, sort of) it's up to Chuck's buddy Morgan to cover for him. Even though Morgan doesn't really understand why he's covering for Chuck. [Sci Fi Wire] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.