Greetings and spoiler felicitations! A huge batch of Life On Mars pics show way more of the gritty new look of the British time-travel show's American remake. Plus some new set pics show Josh Duhamel in action in Transformers 2 and hint at a secret villain in Heroes. Someone has posted iron-clad proof of the identity of the final cylon on Battlestar Galactica. (Not really.) We've got the inside dirt on two cool indie movies: Looper and Moon. Not only that, but there are spoilers for Smallville, Lost, Kyle XY and Sarah Connor Chronicles. (Sorry, no Knight Rider today. Can you survive?) Be prepared, with spoilers! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Some new set pics show Josh Duhamel on set. [Movies-Spoilers]

Moon: Here's how Sam Rockwell describes the plot of the movie he stars in, directed by David Bowie's son:

It's about a guy stranded on the moon for three years, like a Robinson Crusoe kind of guy. He's mining a product called helium 3 on the surface of the moon for fuel for the Earth, an energy source. Then he meets his clone, and they have to deal with each other. So it's sort of an homage to Silent Running and a little Blade Runner, as far as the replicants and stuff. It's like that, but it's a very simple kind of Robinson Crusoe story.

[Sci Fi Wire] Looper: The plot description that's been going around for Ryan "Brick" Johnson's third film (it's set in the present day, where hitmen receive their victims from the future) doesn't really convey the whole scope of the movie's plot, and it leaves out the film's biggest hook, says Johnson. [Slashfilm] Life On Mars: Here are those new set pics. Looks like Sam still uses Annie as a visual aid in talking about our serial killer's psychology. [SpoilerTV]

Lost: The show is seeking someone to play a thirtysomething or fortysomething doctor named Evelyn Ariza for the fourth episode of the new season. She's "chief of staff at a hospital. She's attractive with a great bed-side manner but tough and carries her authority well. Not afraid to make difficult decisions..." [SpoilersLost] Battlestar Galactica: We haven't run any baseless speculation about the final cylon in ages, so here goes. One fan claims to be absolutely certain the last cylon is Louanne "Kat" Katraine, who died back in season three. She's not in the "Last Supper" picture, she wasn't in the fleet at the end of season four, and she was a lost soul seeking redemption. Case closed! [Battlestar Blog] And here are the titles of the last batch of episodes, according to producer Mark Verheiden: "Sometimes a Great Notion," "A Disquiet Follows My Soul," "The Oath," "Blood on the Scales," "No Exit," "Deadlock," "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Islanded In A Stream Of Stars," "Daybreak 1," "Daybreak 2," "Daybreak 3". He adds that he's assuming the finale is still a three-parter. [Famous Verheidens Of Filmland via Galactica Sitrep] Sarah Connor Chronicles: Here's a creepy clip from Monday's new Terminator episode, with an interview with bad Terminator Garret Dillahunt. [Sarah Connor Society] Click to view Heroes: So we already showed you some pictures of the new villains from Heroes season three, but now there are descriptions of their superpowers. Jesse Murphy has a super-loud concussive voice with nearly unlimited destructive capabilities, depending on how loud he screams. (Like Postie from the webisodes.) Benjamin Knox gains strength from the fear of the people around him, and can sense fear easily. "The German" can control metal, and Eric Doyle is a "puppetmaster" who can make people do what he wants. Finally, Flint can shoot "blue flames." [Heroes Spoilers] Also, someone managed to get some snaps of filming for an episode airing in early December. Peter and Nathan are in Haiti, with The Haitian, plus some other Haitians who don't get to be "the" Haitian. They filmed "a jungle scene." More pics at the first link. Meanwhile, producer Jesse Alexander posted a photo of a Haitian wall that shows mysterious new villain Samedi. [Heroes News And Spoilers and Watching Heroes]

Director Greg Beeman ran some photos on his blog, including Hiro impaled with his own sword, Matt Parkman with his throat slit, Micah and Monica looking dead, and a few others. I think we've already shown these pics, or similar ones before. But I could be wrong. In any case, they're here. [Greg Beeman] How close are Sylar and Elle to making a baby together? Check out this set pic. Or maybe Sylar is just trying out for a Grease revival, and Elle is lending him moral support. More pics at the link. [PurePeople via Mars Investigations]

And here are a couple more promos, showing the new villains in action and Sylar and HRG being partners. [Heroes Spoilers]

Smallville: The New York Post interviewed Lois Lane actor Erica Durance, who expanded on some spoilers we've already reported. Like in the upcoming episode where Jimmy Olsen gets a photo of Clark in the act of saving someone, Clark outwits Jimmy. But afterwards Lois throws down the gauntlet and announces that she's going to track down that red-and-blue-wearing mystery man, if it's the last thing she does. And in the third episode of the season, when Oliver gets poisoned, Lois has to confront the fact that he might die - even though she's realized he's not right for her, it still churns up her feelings again. And in another episode, Lois and Clark go undercover as an engaged couple, and she gets to make him squirm. But then later, she's forced to confess feelings for Clark that she didn't even know she had until that moment, under duress - and then it's her turn to squirm. [NY Post] Durance also talked to Zap2It and said Lois starts out thinking Clark is dim-witted and she needs to help him out, but then something changes. (She realizes how dim-witted he really is?) And after Lois deals with her feelings for the maybe-dying Oliver, she has a talk with Clark and he tells her about his experience with Lana. Also, she hints that Lois may actually get a superpower - she'll be able to channel all her "anger and angst" and use them to throw people around. [Zap2It] Not enough Erica Durance interviews for you? Then try this. [CWSource]

And here's Tess Mercer actor Cassidy Freeman, revealing that she doesn't have any scenes with Doomsday so far. [BuddyTV]

Kyle XY: Yay! Here are a couple of new teasers for Kyle XY season three: