It's a spoiler bonanza this morning. For one thing, a producer gave some hints about the sheer number of new robots you'll see in Transformers 2. There's also an early report on G.I. Joe that includes some pretty heavy-duty destruction. A leaked Battlestar Galactica call-sheet includes a couple of scenes between Admiral Adama and characters you wouldn't expect him to meet with. Doctor Who's producer spills the premise of the next Christmas special. Dollhouse script pages include a scary development in episode three. Oh yeah, and there are spoilers for indie movie Hybrid, plus Smallville, Lost, Heroes, and your favorite, Knight Rider. Get ahead of yourself, with spoilers. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: There are three times as many Transformers in the second film than in the first, including more "fan favorite" Decepticons and Autobots, says producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. And yes, it does sound like the Constructicons and Devastator will be in it. But he downplays the idea that we'll see more of Cybertron. [IESB] G.I. Joe: A fan got to see some early unfinished scenes, including the introductions of Duke, the Baroness and Snake Eyes. The Baroness comes home to France and we see her mansion. COBRA captures a member of the G.I. Joe team, and Christoher Eccleston is ebil. There's a humongous, massivetastic car chase, and the Eiffel Tower gets knocked down. Sadly, the film looked sort of awful and Marlon Wayans, in particular, was painful to watch. [Ain't It Cool News] Hybrid: Here are some stills from the independent film we've covered a few times, about a hybrid car that goes berzerk and starts killing people. (More pics at the link.) [Ecran Large via Shocktillyoudrop]

Battlestar Galactica: A sort of yearbook that was handed out at the BSG wrap party includes a call sheet for episode 13, "The Oath," which Mark Verheiden wrote. There's a scene on Colonial One, where "Adama is not forthcoming with the press." (Well, that's a shock.) Then there's a bit in the Brig, where Adama meets Tom Zarek. (Is Zarek in the Brig for some reason? Or are they meeting there in secret?) And then in the corridor near the Brig, "Adama gives Tigh coordinates." (Is Tigh back as XO?) And finally, a scene in Laura's temporary quarters, where "Adama and Laura don't care." [Cinemaspy via Galactica Sitrep] Doctor Who: More of Russell T. Davies' emails to journalist Benjamin Cook have come out. It sounds as though Steven Moffat introduced the character of River Song, knowing already that he was taking over as the show's main writer for season five. Also, RTD is "pretty sure" that River Song is "the Doctor's wife." (And originally, they wanted Kate Winslet to play her. Which would have ruled.) Also, he includes some details about the 2008 Christmas special, or at least an early draft of it. At the start of the episode, the Doctor arrives and hears a damsel in distress, and rushes to save her. And this other man, played by David Morrissey, "swings in" and is dashing and clever and saves the day. The Doctor asks who the other man is, and Morrisey responds, "I'm the Doctor!" The Doctor winds up being Morrissey's companion for the story. RTD says a good title for the story would be "The Next Doctor." The story of the two Doctors "gets knockabout" and sort of pushes out the darker Cybermen-in-graveyards storyline. (I'm still not sure if this is an imposter Doctor, or an actual future Doctor.) And there will be a swordfight on a rooftop with the Cybershades (those cloaked figures with the bronze Cyberman masks.) And Victorian workhouse kids are being kept as slaves. (Refresh your memory with these pics.) [London Times] Dollhouse: As someone pointed out in the comments yesterday, a bunch of script pages from episode three of Joss Whedon's programmable amnesiac show turned up, for casting purposes. However, unlike the earlier Dollhouse casting sides, these aren't actual script pages, or at the very least, they've been retyped. So they may or may not represent what you'll see when the episode airs. As with the Sarah Connor casting pages, it's easier to talk about what roles are being cast than what happens on these pages. So with that caveat, the show is looking to cast a wild Russian girl who gets frisky with a mobster type guy, Lubov, while he's driving and talking on the phone. She's still wearing what little there is of her club dress from the night before. There are two new "Actives" (programmable dolls like Echo) who are flustered when an alarm goes off at the Dollhouse and their attendant hustles them to bed without their customary shower. There's a driver who takes Boyd (the Actives' handler) out to the woods, where they meet a Ranger. (The show is also casting the Ranger.) Boyd tells the Ranger a B.S. story about being a news crew shooting B-roll in the woods, for a story about logging, and shows him a fake I.D. Then the Ranger shoots the driver, and goes to shoot Boyd as well. Boyd gets the drop on the Ranger and shoots him in both legs while interrogating him about the bad guys he works for. Then there's a guy named Richard Connell who wants to hire an Active to be his girlfriend, so that for once the woman who's lying to him will be telling lies of his choosing. Adelle tells him the Actives don't actually lie. But something in Richard's background makes her want to charge him an extra security deposit, which he agrees to. Later, Richard is in bed with Echo, after the most amazing sex ever. "Is there anything you're not good at?" he asks, and she says, maybe that thing with her tongue needs some practice. He tells her she's the perfect woman, and she says he's not too shabby himself. She wants to go again, and Richard says he wants that more than anything. But Echo needs to get going, so he can hunt her. All of a sudden, Richard turns postcoital psycho and tells her to try to head for the main road, and she might even catch a ride before he catches up. He grabs a bow and says he'll give her a five minute head start. Later, in the Ranger's station, an injured Echo gets a walkie talkie, but there's only Richard, taunting her, on the other end. Richard says he's doing this because he wants to know if she deserves to live, or if she's just an echo. And then it turns out the canteen she just drank out of was drugged. [SpoilerTV] Lost: Mysterious new character Caesar will be in five or six episodes of season five, and will become a regular character in season six, says actor Saïd Taghmaoui. And he'll be a big part of setting up the end of the series. There's filming set up at a kind of army camp with a big well made out of wood, and Locke, Sawyer and Juliet are there, among others. There's also unconfirmed reports that Hurley is at the camp with Locke and Sawyer, which would be weird. Another batch of filming just took place in a butcher shop that was rigged up with tons of meat hanging in the window and the name "Simon's Butcher Shop." And here's video of Henry Ian Cusick filming a scene which ends with him running onto a boat and shouting "Penny!" [SpoilersLost]

Smallville: We glimpse missing favorites Lana, Martha, Jonathan and the Martian Manhunter in tonight's season opener. Also, Chloe's new super-powers start with her becoming super-smart, but it's too bad Luthor Corp. minions have her in their clutches. But her rejuvenation/revivication power fails to work, just when she needs it most. [E! Online] And here's Erica Durance, answering your questions (well maybe not yours exactly) about the new season. [BuddyTV]

Heroes: The first dozen or so episodes of the season will be called "The Second Coming," "The Butterfly Effect," "One of Us, One of Them," "I Am Become Death," "Angels and Monsters," "Dying of the Light," "Eris Quod Sum," "Villains," "It's Coming," "The Eclipse Part 1," "The Eclipse Part 2," "Our Father," and "War." And here are the first official pics of the villains from the "Villains" storyline, including Knox, Jesse and Doyle, from USA Today. Plus one promo pic from the second hour of Monday's premiere, "The Butterfly Effect." [Heroes Spoilers and Heroes News And Spoilers]

Knight Rider: Here's an interview with Yancey Arias, who plays Alex Torres in the new rebooted Knight Rider series. [Knight Rider Online]

Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.