This week, travel to the year 2033 in Mexico where the unwashed masses are slaves and target practice for the rich. Also, if you can't make it to this years Fantastic Fest, never fear - the festival is streaming some of the best movies and shorts, including one about a face cream that will make you look like a famous French celebrity and a gynecologist that becomes the dictator of the world. This is your Sunday afternoon Cult Movie Worship.2033: In director Francisco Laresgoiti's future world where most of the population is under the thumb of a big business and work like robots, Mexico City has been renamed to Villaparaiso (Paradise City), and employs a heavy workload for the poor, while the upper class cruise around in helicopters. But when dashing society man Pablo falls for a sexy lower-class gal, he leaves his life of luxury to help aid in the revolution and uncovers the secrets behind, “Pactia,” a drink everyone is addicted to. This movie looks fantastic, and I'm even more excited to see big scifi works coming out of Mexico.

Fantastic Fest starts September 14 through the 20 in Austin, Texas. But even if you can't make to the amazing festival stuffed to gills with out of this world movies, you can watch many of the flicks on their site. All you have to do is quickly register with the fest, and you're in. Below are a list of some of my favorite new shorts and movies from the fest that you can watch right now. Dr. Infierno: This little Spanish film (pictured above) follows a gynecologist as he discovers a cure for all illness in the world, and then uses his knowledge to become and all powerful dictator. I'm not 100% what's going on but the freaky movie has crazy monsters, dueling robots and a few pretty excellent fight scenes.

La Creme: A no-name know-nothing Frenchman is bestowed with a vial of face cream that transforms his mug into the most famous face in all of France. Of course the changes are only temporary to his face, but they permanently transform his personality for the worst.

Treevenge: Canadian film maker Jason Eisener and Rob Cotterill give Christmas Trees their revenge this year from holiday slaughter. As the pine trees enact their bloody retribution on the human population for years of murder, you get to see a lot of pine needles and blood in this short... and hear the sounds that trees would make if they could scream, which is pretty crazy. You can watch the video on the Fantastic Fest site, and check out some very graphic trees murdering people stills here.