Be it pointy headed aliens, smoking astronauts, gay space invaders or cats that shoot lasers out of their mouths, Saturday Night Live has always delivered some of the best scifi-based sketches this world has ever seen. Tonight, the SNL players take the stage again and, after a few bad years, an infusion of new writers and actors have helped usher in a new era of hilarious quality sketches (Thank you for that Enemy Mine sketch, Lonely Island boys). We've collected the best of the best SNL scifi sketches to usher in the new season.Gays In Space: Jason Bateman and his flamboyant crew cruise the stars. Yes, Bateman is wearing silver mini shorts silver lace work boots.

Planet of the Men vs. Planet of The Women: Hugh Hefner leads the men against the women in an intergalactic space war. Hef is Captain Macho, and he has to war against Captain Estrogena. The women fire "boob rays" and then men retaliate with a "mouse ray." Stereotypes fly and eventually the two ships "collide forming a unison, and the men fall asleep". Future Jeopardy In 1999: This is what future Jeopardy would be like in 1999, from the eyes of the SNL cast of 1979. It may seem ridiculous now, but in truth, everyone I know has hair like that. Enemy Mine Sketch: Jack Black gets stuck on an deserted alien planet with Glurk the alien with both male and female parts. SPACE WINE! Astronaut Jones: Tracy Morgan smoking in space and hitting on big-breasted alien chicks, awwww.

Beach Blanket Bimbo From Outer Space: Carrie Fisher strapped on the gold bikini once again to attend her first Beach Blanket party with Buzz, Skeeter and Moondoggie. Too bad she's marked a space slut for hitting on Annette's guy. In the end Carrie sings about being a teenager from outer space with an Obi Wan Kenobi chorus. Robot Repair: It's about a robot teaching you how to fix small things. Yes, the name is confusing, but it's a work in progress. Shop At Home Network Sells More Star Wars Crap: How much would you pay for the actual Mark Hamill? Personally, I think I'd rather have a Jawa ashtray. Laser Cats: Who knew that cats shooting lasers out of their mouths would cause so much commotion? Old Glory Insurance: Sam Waterson sells old people insurance against robot attacks. Why do they need insurance? Because robots are everywhere and they eat old people's medicine for fuel, of course. The Coneheads: To end on, a classic: The SNL aliens so beloved by America that they got their own movie. Welcome back Saturday Night Players, and please make fun of The Dark Knight.