Meet the new Chinatown. Gone are the streets cluttered with cheesy restaurants and unauthentic looks - hello, floating star city. The Superstar city (from the minds of MAD) is a work of conceptual architecture that remedies the old "Chinatown" stereotype. Calling the old look a "kitsch image of contemporary China," the designers propose this radical shock therapy to fix the look. Not only will this floating city include restaurants, streets, spas and homes, but museums and cultural experiences as well. Plus the designers want it to float to each future Olympic host city to educate the masses and host festivities.

In the new Chinatown, tourists and locals can come and tour museums, sample the food and learn more about Chinese heritage, without having to deal with the cliched look that prevails throughout most large city Chinatown districts. The Star can come and go across the face of the world, landing anywhere and extending its streets to the public. Also, it's self-sustaining and will grow its own food and recycle all of its waste. And one more thing: the star will be the traveling party town for the Olympic Games, landing at each host city and setting up hotels, spas resorts and one big star-party. The Superstar City is a part of The Uneternal City exhibit which collects and displays futuristic concept art from the brightest minds in the industry.The show debuts in Arsenale, Italy from the 14th of September to 23rd of November 2008. [MAD]