Wondering who may be playing Tetsuo Shima in the live action remake of classic manga and anime Akira? The answer isn't Joseph Gordon Levitt, survivor of crappy alien comedy 3rd Rock From The Sun and soon-to-be Cobra Commander in the upcoming GI Joe movie. Well, not yet, anyway.Levitt, who's won critical praise for his roles in movies like Brick and The Lookout, has long been rumored to be taking the main role in the live action version of Katsuhiro Otomo's classic 1980s story of psychic teenage delinquent motorcycle gangs and widespread destruction... but he's not willing to admit anything yet, as he explained to MTV's Splash Page blog when asked about his taking the role:

I love the movie ‘Akira.' I still have yet to read the manga, but that's really just a rumor. They don't have a script or anything.

So, wait. Was that a non-denial denial? He didn't say that he wasn't being considered or in talks, after all. And how would he know that they didn't have a script if he wasn't involved in some way...? We're saying give it until he hits it big as Cobra Commander in next year's big toy movie, and then we'll hear that he's agreed. Joseph Gordon Levitt Denies ‘Akira' Involvement…For Now [MTV Splash Page]