A grizzly bear attempts to assert its dominion over the puny humans — only to run into a prehistoric giant crocodile, in this fantastic sequence from the horror-comedy Lake Placid. Bears may be the scourge of the forest, but the crocodile's teeth were made to crunch dinosaur bones. Or something. Anyway, who will win this battle between humanity's greatest enemies? Whoever wins will have to face an even bigger threat in round two — an airborne cow. Yeah, it seems like the crocodile made short work of the bear. So the paleontologist, played by Bridget Fonda, has a brilliant idea to trap the ferocious scaly predator: dangle a cow from a helicopter. I love her dialog, like "That's not a happy cow," and "It's like a giant tea bag." The cow tries to master its new-found flying ability, but will it learn to control its altitude before the giant toothy monster takes a bite out of it? (What do you think?) [IMDB]