Val Kilmer teaches the world about recycling by taking hostages in his steam room. No this isn't another sexy Hollywood party, but the baffling plot line for The Steam Experiment. In Steam Kilmer plays a scientist so disturbed by global warming that he locks six people in a steam room to demonstrate that we're all going to go kill-crazy when the world gets ruined by pollution and the temperature rises. We've got behind-the-scenes pictures of Kilmer's science "look" and co-star Armand Assante looking pissed (as per usual.) Oh and Eric Roberts is in it too - instant classic!

The Steam Experiment is now holed up in Grand Rapids, Michigan filming around town and thanks to Mlive we've got a few looks behind the scenes.


First off, kudos to Armand Assante for giving the only look he knows how to in these pictures (bewildered and pissed at the same time.) And second, was how great is Kilmer's scientist costume? Is there some unwritten rule that all science people have to dress in brown sport coats from the 80s?

The idea behind Steam Experiment is that Kilmer is a now defunct professor who wants to prove to the world that global warming will make everyone go crazy. So he locks up these poor 6 people in a Turkish bath house and slowly cranks up the temperature. He wants to prove that humans will descend into savagery under the hot pressure. Kilmer won't reveal the location of this bath house to the detective on the case (Assante) until his theory is printed as the local paper's front-page headline. The movie also stars Megan Brown and Patrick Muldoon, and Eric Roberts plays a former pro football player who's locked in the steam room. Gross - Eric Roberts shirtless.


How many bath houses are there in one area? I feel like this wouldn't be that hard for the police to figure out.