If you know Christopher Lambert for his fine work as a cross-temporal white ninja in Highlander — and who doesn't? — then you'll be thrilled to see him in his "new wave" incarnation. Luc "Fifth Element" Besson did a movie back in the 1980s called Subway, about futuristic hipsters living in (yes) the Paris subway. Basically it's a bunch of cute people in weird clothes talking in French and not having sword fights. Though this clip is hilariously dubbed into English, the hilarity is already in full effect as "Fred" (new wave Highlander) meets subway denizens "Big Bill" and rollerskating dude. Basically the entire point of this scene is to watch a man break handcuffs with his bare fists. Which is pretty much of the same awesomeness level as Highlander's perfect new wave puff of bleached blond. [Subway via IMDB]