If Rose Tyler's return to Doctor Who was spoiled for you by her unusual accent, then, well, you may need to focus on more important things, to be honest. But actress Billie Piper knows just who to blame: Mother Nature. Or perhaps the soundman. Whoever's fault it actually is, one thing is clear: It's definitely not hers.Responding to criticism over the way she sounded in "Turn Left" from the last season of the show in Britain's Radio Times magazine, Piper said,

I got really paranoid. Maybe it was really cold and my lips were tense, because we were shooting in the middle of winter and I'm always in a tiny leather jacket. But it seemed fine when I heard it... When I went to work the next morning, the make-up guy said: 'Your speech sounded really funny'. I wonder if it was something in the final mix. Strange.


I know that some Who fans can be a little anal in their deconstruction of the show, but criticizing the dialect of a guest star? Really? (Oh, wait, apparently so.) Piper blames weather for Rose Tyler 'lisp' [Digital Spy]