Darren Aronofsky has started dropping hints about his Robocop reboot to reporters - and they're very, very obscure indeed. How obscure, you may ask? Well, about as obscure as you could get without resorting to speaking in tongues about minor pieces of production design. When reporters asked Aronofsky whether the new movie would be taking part in Detroit like earlier movies in the series, his answer was... not incredibly helpful, shall we say.MTV asked, presumably, about the setting of the movie in the hope of discovering just what it means for the new movie to be "not a direct sequel" to the original series. Aronofsky offered the following meaningless explanation:

We're deep in it, [b]ut there's not much to say until there is a screenplay... I don't think it's set anywhere that's recognizable.

So, wait. Does that mean that Detroit will be unrecognizable because it's the future, that it'll be in some generic, probably Canadian, city altogether? Or that Aronofsky's just going to film it in such a crappy way that you won't be able to tell where anyone is at any point? Darren Aronofsky Hints ‘Robocop' Will Take Place In ‘Unrecognizable' City [MTV Movies]