A crazy new rumor claims that Chris Nolan is done making Batman films forever. But don't panic: Frank Miller has a great idea for the next Batman movie, which has nothing to do with following up The Dark Knight. And Miller has an off-the-wall idea for the next Batman star.Miller still wants to see a movie version of his groundbreaking graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, and he thinks Sylvester Stallone should star. He told the LA Times:

"Just that mouth of his, the scowl and the way it would look in a mask. I loved 'Rocky Balboa.' This wounded warrior, that's what Batman is in 'Dark Knight Returns.'"

Now I saw the new Rambo, and after watching him blow up half of the world and then mutter one-liners about how killing people is bad, I don't know if Stallone has the "subtle" touch of an older Batman. Wasn't Clint Eastwood getting tossed around as a rumor for this part at one time? Now that's a more believable man for the aged Batman's patience and wit. As for those Nolan rumors, the UK's News Of The World is reporting that there will be no more Nolan Bat-pictures. The World claims that Nolan is moving on according to Aaron Eckhart who allegedly said, "Chris hasn't said he's going to make a third film. I think he wants to make other movies." Apparently this is because Nolan can't imagine making another Bat-movie without Heath Ledger. Right, and Nolan is going to walk away after that whole truck load of money they made this year? Not going to happen. [LA Times and The News Of The World]