This may be the hugest batch of spoilers we've ever served up in a single morning. An inside source gave away a key plot twist of Transformers 2, and some actors spilled the beans on Dragonball's extra character. You may be able to guess who's back in Doctor Who, but you'll never expect the two characters who are hanging out on Lost. We read script pages from the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Smallville, and found revealing videos for Sarah Jane Adventures, Fringe and Chuck. All that, plus pics and spoilers for Stargate Atlantis, Knight Rider, Eleventh Hour and Heroes. It's all in a day's work for the spoiler squad! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Seibertron's anonymous source came out with more Transformers 2 hints. Apparently Megatron isn't in the film, at least for 99 percent of its length - but he may be in Transformers 3. And the Fallen may have been on Earth for at least as long as the Allspark. Also, nobody has guessed the true secret of the ice-cream truck. (And by the time we figure it out, it'll be too late - icy, creamy death!) [Seibertron] Dragonball: Mexican actor Gabriela de la Garza reveals that she plays a virtual character in the film. She's "like a computer, to all who arrive to the city and want communicate with her, gives them instructions. The hairstyle, clothing, everything was fantastic." Also, Eriko Tamura plays Mai, an evil character. And Chi Chi actor Jamie Chung said the hardest scene for her to film was a kiss scene, because there was no action choreography. [dbthemovie and dbthemovie] Lost: Fans spotted the filming of a scene in which it appeared that Locke was together with Marvin Candle, and they're near some recent construction. Could it be the building of Otherton? Also, Candle gets injured - which could be the incident where he loses his arm. Separately, the fifth episode of the series takes us back to Tunisia, judging from a casting call for Brigitte, a French-speaking Tunisian woman who meets a mysterious stranger. [DocArzt and DocArzt] Also, the show recently filmed a hospital scene, and has been casting an Asian baby. (Ji Yeon?) [The Transmission, via SpoilersLost] Doctor Who: Britain's most dependable news source, The Sun, claims Catherine Tate (Donna) and John Simm (The Master) will both be back in next year's specials. Also back? Bernard Cribbins. And to (almost) nobody's surprise, sources say David Tennant will be back as the Doctor in 2010's full season. [The Sun] Sarah Jane Adventures: Here's a trailer for season two of the Doctor Who spinoff that's been showing in movie theatres in England the past few days.

Smallville: A script snippet turned up from the episode "Abyss," and it features Chloe hooked up to a Kryptonian machine that looks inside her brainwaves. We rocket back to a scene where she and Clark are 13 years old on the Kent farm, and Chloe has just moved there from Metropolis. She's blown away by the "rustic" cows and chickens, and acts patronizing to Clark. Then she's worried about failing "Barn 101," and Clark takes advantage of this to show her his "hay loft." And then Chloe finds the telescope Clark uses to spy on his neighbors, and this is the cue for a "dorky" Emerson/Thoreau joke. Chloe is sad because she left behind her favorite book, "Tales Of The Weird And Unexplained," and Clark finds her a copy, so she kisses him. Aww. Later, grown-up Chloe talks her way into Metropolis General Hospital by pretending to be a med student learning about memory loss. And then we jump forward a few more pages, and Chloe wakes up inside an MRI machine, after her brain waves spiked like crazy. She runs off to find Davis aka Doomsday, the "last man standing" in her life. [SpoilerTV-Smallville] Meanwhile, in episode 2, "Plastique," Clark and Lois go off on their first assignment together when a bus explodes outside the newspaper's offices. Chloe bonds with new character Bette over their shared meteor abilities, but Bette is hiding a secret. And meanwhile, Chloe meets Davis, a sexy paramedic. [SpoilerTV-Smallville again] Also, casting script pages have turned up for "Identity," the seventh episode, where Clark starts to think about having a secret identity. A guy tries to mug Lois, but she decks him and rips his mask off. Before Jimmy can photograph the unmasked mugger, he knocks Lois into the path of an SUV. Later, that same mugger kidnaps Jimmy at gunpoint, dragging him to that same SUV. And Lois meets Sebstian Kane, a creepy/sexy investigative journalist who can steal her memories when he touches her. Turns out he's working for Lex Luthor's successor Tess, who wants to know if Lois stole a crystal. (And Tess is sad and cries a lot.) Sebastian wants to stop working for Tess, but she blackmails him with his evil secret past. And then later, Kane finds out that Lois didn't actually steal the crystal in question. But he finds out that Lois knows who he really is, so he vows to rub her out before she can tell anyone. He holds a gun on Lois and she promises not to tell anyone he's a homicidal maniac. But he says he can't take that chance. They struggle. [SpoilerTV-Smallville yet again] Sarah Connor Chronicles: In the third episode of the Terminator show's second season, "The Mousetrap," the bad Terminator known as Cromartie takes Sarah's ex-fiance Charley's wife hostage. (Let's just go through that again. Sarah was engaged to Charley but dumped him, and now the Terminator has his wife.) Sarah and Derek have to figure out what do about it. Meanwhile, John has problems of his own when he's caught between Summer Glau's Terminator and his new girlfriend Riley. [Sarah Connor Society] Also, former FBI Agent Ellison has another encounter with Cromartie, who murdered all of his agents. Cromartie wants Ellison to do something for him, and Ellison swears he'll never do it. Also, Ellison has more action sequences this year. [IGN] Here's a video of Summer Glau on the set, where she seems to be hanging out and having burgers and fries with another girl, while getting an eye test from a guy with an ophthalmologist T-shirt:

Also, some casting script pages have turned up for episode 10, in which we meet an aging ex-rocker named Aaron and his wife Kay, who have dinner with Charley. Aaron and Kay have two obnoxious kids, Byron and Gina, who use terms like "pillow biter" and "shark week." Jill goes out to dinner with her coworkers, Adam and Tanaka, and speaks perfect Japanese. Tanaka says he got to the top of Raku Industries by sleeping with the boss, and it was horrible. He wishes he could stay in America, but he's getting transferred back to Osaka next month. Jill meets a nerd named Xander who tells her about a chess tournament where someone was murdered. Xander's building an AI named Emma, after his dead mom. (I get the impression Jill's some sort of industrial spy, since later she's at another company, Ergo Corp., which has just had a mysterious break-in including theft of some computer drives. And there's a guy named Brett, whose bank accounts have mysteriously been cleaned out. Also, there's a valet who loses some guy's black Volvo. Meanwhile, here's the trailer that was shown at Comic-Con, plus a look behind the scenes of the show including an interview with Bear McCreary about working on the show's music. [SpoilerTV]

Fringe: Were you underwhelmed by the pilot of J.J. Abrams' pants-peeing scientist show? Abrams has a message for you: It gets better after the first episode, really. "In many ways, the first episodes that follow are better. They're much more focused." [EW] Also, Kirk Acevedo's character, FBI agent Charley, is the "moral barometer" of the show. [SpoilerTV] And here's a new (I think) trailer which eludicates the whole "OMG science suxx" message, including a quote from Albert Einstein.

Eleventh Hour: Upcoming episodes of Jerry Bruckheimer's evil-science show involve "reproductive cloning, cryogenic preservation, experimental brain surgery, cutting-edge cancer cures for nefarious purposes." And no, we have no clue why cancer cures would be nefarious, unless it's an I Am Legend thing. Interesting note: the show's pilot wasn't released to critics. [EW] Heroes: What's going on with Ali Larter in Heroes season three? Fans have assembled all of the available images and are concocting a theory: She's now Tracy Strauss, an aide to a state governor, she's going to be working closely with Nathan on something involving math, and her real boss will be Linderman (again). And she may have inherited Linderman's healing power, judging from that weird flower photo we showed recently. [HeroesTheSeries] Chuck: As you may have gathered, Chuck and Sarah try dating on this nerd-spy show, because the producers don't want it to turn into a will-they-won't-they show. Also, the new Intersect is finally coming online, and Casey has orders to kill Chuck when that happens. [EW] And here are some cute new cast photos. [SpoilerTV]

This trailer for NBC's Monday night lineup includes a funny Chuck moment with Michael Clarke Duncan. And there's a pretty action-packed new trailer as well.

Stargate Atlantis: Here are some promo photos from the 14th episode of SGA's last season, "Prodigal." [Gateworld]


Knight Rider: A new ad for the fall's craziest new car show features KITT exploding off the page into a page of fake articles about sciencey stuff and cars and companies. Also, David Hasselhoff may be getting an upgrade, from appearing in one episode later this season to co-starring in a major multi-episode arc in the second half of the season. Can you say stunt? [Knightrideronline and knightrideronline] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.