In 1987, Alan Moore participated in a Central TV documentary, "England Their England: Monsters, Maniacs, and Moore." Though not the only documentary about the comic book author, it is the only one to feature Moore onstage fielding accusatory questions from his own toughest critic: himself. The short film focuses mostly on Moore's larger influences and his desire to create challenging and thought-provoking works, but also features readings from his books and addresses the man's irrational hatred of ducks.In Part One, Moore discusses the shift from the public perception of comic books as a childish diversion to the acceptance of comics as a culturally relevant artform, and his own attempt to portray the struggle between mankind and nature through Swamp Thing. Incidentally, the line "television, movies, comics," which is said towards the end of the video, is sampled in the Pop Will Eat Itself song "Shortwave Transmission":

In Part Two, which features Moore's ornithophobic tune "March of the Sinister Ducks," Moore admits to a Messiah Complex and laments that more children from his hometown didn't grow up to be artists:

In Part Three, Moore addresses criticisms about the inclusion of political content in comic books:

And in the final segment, he discusses the inspiration behind Watchmen:

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