Click to viewIllustrator Brian Murray has shared the package he crafted with Eli Stone creator Greg Berlanti, which helped him win the right to make a Green Lantern movie. So far we're just getting peeks at the Green Lantern space cop convention, and a few looks at the chiseled jawline of Earthbound Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Check out a gallery of Murray's concept art of this handsome devil, which is making the Green Lantern flick look better and better.

The Green Lantern movie follows the making of the Earthly bound Lantern, and follows his journey as he comes to terms with his powers and weaknesses. The script penned by Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and Michael Green supposedly includes many other superhero cameos along with a climax that sets up the Lantern for a sequel, should the public approve of more from this DC Comics hero. Rumor has it Berlanti is in line to direct. [Brian Murray]