Click to viewA three-day weekend means even more spoilers to report. The first synopsis of Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie has turned up online, from someone who claims to have gotten an outline from "people at Warner Bros." Also, there are tons of new set reports from Transformers 2, Lost and Heroes. There are new hints about Battlestar Galactica's ending and the BSG TV movie. Plus spoilers for Clone Wars, Stargate Atlantis, Fringe, Smallville Eleventh Hour and Knight Rider. It's a post-Labor Day spoiler explosion! Batman 3: So this informed source claims to have read an outline of follow-up to The Dark Knight, which also sets up a fourth Bat-movie. It just needs the Nolan brothers and David S. Goyer to sit down and write a proper script. Since the source in question is spelling-impaired, I'm sure it's a real Hollywood insider. The major villain of Batman 3, according to this source? Talia Al-Ghul, taking revenge for her father's apparent death at the hands of Batman. She's connected to Gotham's mob, which is causing more gang violence than ever since Batman went on the run. The mob violence gets so bad, people finally realize Batman is a true hero and welcome him back. Also, we hear references to a mob figure named "Oswald Cobblepot" several times, but we never meet him, and he's never referred to as "The Penguin." Also, mobster Black Mask, who was allegedly included in early drafts of The Dark Knight, turns up in the third movie as a gang leader caught up in the mob war. And the Riddler features in the third movie as well. The third movie's theme is "redemption." Also, it sets up the fourth movie, where the Joker and Scarecrow escape from Arkham Asylum. (And presumably a new actor plays the Joker.) I'm 99 percent sure it's a fanciful fan with dyslexia. But you never know: someone at Warners really could have come up with this loopy plan for the next two Bat-movies. [Yahoo! Answers and MMO Information] Transformers 2: The explosions in the filming of the Transformers sequel have gotten so numerous, the Transformers Live Action blog has posted a lengthy explosion summary. As near as I can tell, one tanker blows up when Optimus tries to pass it. And then there's another explosion when the Autobots are driving along the highway. And here's a hilarious "eye in the sky" video of an explosion that sends debris flying into the air, including into lanes of traffic going the opposite direction. Oops. [Transformers Live Action]

Co-writer Roberto Orci tells fans there may well be scenes where the robots change to vehicle mode and back again, super quick, to avoid crashing into other cars. And there will be more Transformers mythology this time around. We'll indirectly find out what happened to Barricade, the police-car Transformer who disappeared in the first movie. [TFW2005] Battlestar Galactica: Heads up, doubters: Edward James Olmos says "We've found Earth" and it was nuked, in the latest BSG episode. What happens next is unique in the history of science fiction. But the human race will survive, he promised a crowd at Dragoncon. Also, Aaron Douglas' friend Colin Corrigan, who plays a colonial marine we've only glimpsed in recent episodes, has a huge role in the last ten episodes. Meanwhile, Olmos mentioned an interesting detail about the TV movie he's directing. His wife, Lymari Nadal, played a small role in the original BSG miniseries, as a Caprican named Giana, a survivor who gets rescued by Boomer and Helo's ship. She plays a huge role in the TV movie, because it deals with the Cylons confronting the unexpected reality that some humans survived their attacks. Also, it sounds as though Olmos said there are two Cylon agents dealing with the reality of the human survivors. One, I'm guessing, is Brother Cavil. But who's the other? [DoorQ] Lost: The Lost production crew was just doing a night shoot, involving the crashed remains of a beat-up old Cessna. It looks similar to the "Nigerian drug plane of seasons past," but smaller. Could it be another unfortunate arrival on the island? [Lyly Ford] Meanwhile, the show is casting a character named Cunningham, who appears in episodes two and three. Is he connected to the British characters already cast? Or to the backstory of the Black Rock? Here's his description: "Athletic, used to living outdoors and off the land. He is a loyal soldier but willing to compromise with the enemy to protect his men." [Spoilerslost] Andrew Divoff, who plays "Patchy," says there are rumors he'll appear in season five. [Doc Arzt] Doctor Who: Some random Doctor Who season five rumors include an alleged statement from Steven Moffat that "THEY'RE back!" But no clue who "they" are. And allegedly negotaitions are underway to get River Song and the Doctor's Daughter back on the show. Also, Tom Baker is still rumored to play some unspecified role. [Planet Gallifrey] Fringe: Here's a synopsis of Fringe episode 2, "The Same Old Story:"

Our unlikely trio's strange partnership begins as they investigate the mysterious death of a woman who conceives, carries to full-term and births a baby in the span of hours, and her baby who ages 80 years in a matter of minutes. As the bizarre and seemingly unexplainable occurrences are explored, quirky Dr. Bishop runs extensive testing in the lab; his reluctant son Peter endures his new role as his father's keeper; and Olivia turns to Massive Dynamic Chief Operating Officer Nina Sharp for assistance.

[Fringe Bloggers] And here's a new commercial. [Fringe Television]

Eleventh Hour: Here's a new trailer for the Jerry Bruckheimer stop-the-mad-science show:

Heroes: Producer/director Allan Arkush dropped a few new Heroes spoilers. Just like her dad, Claire will have an unexpected partner. (Her dad, of course, will work with Sylar.) Something unmentionable will happen to Suresh by the eighth episode. At some point during the season, all of the heroes will lose their powers. Characters you'd never expect are coming back. And the eighth episode will consist of previously unshown scenes from the pilot, six months ago, and one other episode. [Heroes Television] And it sounds like it's just one episode where everybody loses their powers temporarily. [E! Online] The first five episodes of the season will be called "The Second Coming," "The Butterfly Effect," "One of Us One of Them," "I Am Become Death," and "Angels and Monsters". That weird symbol that appears on Hiro's sword? Has a super-secret origin, but it's meant to be a "half-helix," and the Pinehurst Corp.'s logo is two of those half-helixes put together. And in season seven, when the aliens invade, we'll see the full helix symbol, says producer Joe Pokaski. [Heroes Spoilers] And here are a few more pics of Elle and HRG at Primatech Paper. Looks like HRG is giving Elle some fatherly advice. In another scene, Elle is on the street at night and she runs to the Primatech paper van. [Heroes Spoilers]

Smallville: Finally we get the first official trailer for the season opener. It seriously looks like a fan film to me, and not one of the good ones. [Operation Save Clark Kent]

Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Star Wars animated series showed an entire episode at Dragoncon. Yoda and three clone troopers travel to the planet Toydaria (really??) to negotiate a treaty, but wind up facing off against Asajj Ventress and a buttload of droids. Will they get off Toydaria alive? [] Stargate Atlantis: Here are some stills from the 13th episode of the final Atlantis season, "Outsiders." [SpoilerTV]

Here's a synopsis for episode 19, "Las Vegas":

When another body turns up in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, Detective John Sheppard is called in to investigate. Sheppard is a homicide detective, but the murderer he has to hunt down now is unlike anyone — or any thing — he has ever seen. Sheppard tries to dodge a news reporter when he arrives at the crime scene. The reporter suggests that, if this victim is like the others, the city may have a serial killer on its hands. The local authorities have already arrived, and show Sheppard the body: it looks as if the man had the life sucked out of him. At Detective Sheppard's office, Captain Lopez introduces him to someone who will aid him in his investigation: Agent Woolsey of the F.B.I. Elsewhere, in a cheap motel, a very ill, middle-aged businessman throws up. To make life worse, his neighbor is blaring heavy metal music. The man collects himself and goes over to pound on the door. He's shocked by what he sees when the door opens. A Wraith hand reaches out to feed.

[SpoilerTV] Sarah Connor Chronicles: The second episode of the new season is now called "Automatic For The People," and here's a synopsis: "Sarah and Cameron investigate a nuclear power plant; John grows less enthusiastic about academics, but flourishes socially with the help of a new friend; Catherine Weaver gets another piece of the puzzle for her pet project." [SpoilerTV] Knight Rider: We'll learn more of the backstory of the new KITT throughout the new series, says producer Gary Scott Thompson:

Each episode is geared towards some sort of lesson but as much as Kitt learns from our humans, they are learning from him. Kitt is an artificial being which means he has no emotions. A big part of season one is going to be why Kitt is here with this group, why is he learning, and why is an artificial intelligence in this car. There is a bigger mythology to it and what I wanted to do was bring some from the original and update it. It's been 25 years since Knight Industries was seen so what's happened to them and where have they gone?

[Newsarama] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.