Despite what you may expect, this picture isn't from the next celebrity-voiced, multiplex-bound Disney movie. Instead, it's your first peek behind the scenes of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, Marvel's latest attempt to corrupt the future of America with their ideals of "heroism" and "doing the right thing." The straight-to-DVD animated movie hits stores on Tuesday, but under the jump, we've got some more concept art that helped create the children of Captain America, Thor and the Black Panther.The movie centers around the teenaged children of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" having to come face-to-face with the supervillain responsible for the death of their parents, the robotic Ultron. Luckily enough for the kid heroes, they all happen to have the same superpowers as mom and dad, and their cuteness alone pretty much guarantees their survival - but we're hoping for a surprise last minute twist that happens to involve lots of carnage. We just can't help ourselves. Next Avengers: Concept Gallery []