In the Mars of the future, almost everything is automated - so much so that a class system has arisen for robots, or Meks. The big scary mek above? That's a supermek, as created by Feroze. Under the jump, another image, some background, and the supermek's creator Paul Pope will let you know just where your favorite robot stands in the new tech order.

The meks are part of Pope's masterpiece, THB, which he's currently preparing for release through :01 First Second Books next year; but that's not the only place that you'll be able to find Pope in the future; DKNY is launching NYC 2089, a range of clothing he designed (including a "new form of camouflage" he created for the line), next month, and he's apparently considering wallpaper as his next canvas. But, really? He's all about the meks. And here, straight from his sketchbook, is the heirarchy of supermeks - just so that you know that being called a tool is still insulting, even if you're a robot.

Color images by Feroze, sketchbook image by Paul Pope. A Supermek [Pulphope]