Too busy harvesting the dead to find organic replacements for your droid limbs? Me too. Don't worry, we've compiled a list of the best stories of the week, just for you.Is the Earth Quarantined??? Why haven't we met aliens yet? And why aren't we sending rockets all over the solar system? There is only one plausible explanation. Earth is being quarantined! A combination of higher alien civilizations and our own Earth-based military forces are working together to keep the Earth contained and neutralized. The reasons why they would do this are obvious, but where is the evidence? We list the facts on Earth's isolation. Because You Demanded It: The Villain Cage Match! There are some differences of opinion that can only be settled with sweet, sweet violence. And surely one of them must be the eternal question: which science fictional villain is the most badass? After last week's poll about weak villains, you demanded a villain cage match - to the death - to help determine which science fictional baddie would rule supreme in infamy. And here it is! Is SF Too Obsessed With Its History? The problem with science fiction is that it cares too much about the past. Or, at least, that's the argument being put forward by SF writer Ian Sales, who's growing more and more concerned about the reverence that SF fans have for "classic" SF that's possibly past its sell-by date. Ready to see some of your favorite SF authors put in their place? Check it out, below Fetish Comes Out Of The Superhero Closet As anyone who's read the original Wonder Woman comics knows, superhero comics have a proud - or maybe that should be ashamed - history of bondage undertones, whether it's Wonder Woman's Suffering Sappho or Emma Frost's off-panel nighttime activities with the Hellfire Club. But the recent appearances of two new supervillainesses is making us wonder: Have superhero comics finally grown up and become openly bondage-friendly? Meet Star Wars' Corpse Droid, Who Desecrates The Dead Concept art for Star Wars' Force Unleashed video game reveals one messed up droid will would murder you for your body parts. We've got a collection of beautiful drawings of this mega-creepy robot, just don't turn your back on him. Six Office Supply Fetishes of the Future wenty-five years from now, your lust for office supplies will not have diminished. By then you'll be jonesing for the Macbook File Folder (pictured) and DNA-sequencing fountain pens. We've cranked up our brain implants to eleven and looked deep into the future to figure out which items will be must-haves in offices all over the world in the year 2033. Kevin Spacey Joins Sam Rockwell in "Moon" Sam Rockwell's lonely job as a space miner finally gets some robotic company, in the shape of Kevin Spacey. Rockwell, the star of new movie Choke, told io9 that Spacey will be lending his voice to the robot in Duncan Jones' new scifi picture Moon, and he spilled some more details about the space madness he faces during his long lunar sojourn. In Recent Scifi, Intelligent Design Is Truth A new crop of science fiction novels focus on what it would mean if Intelligent Design turned out to be the truth. Are these scifi authors carving out a pro-science version of Intelligent Design theory? The Yellow Peril, Fu Manchu, and the Ethnic Future Back in the 1920s and 30s, when Asian immigration to the US and Europe was picking up steam, prominent science fiction writers like Philip Nowlan and H.P. Lovecraft created speculative scenarios starring massive hordes of horrible, slanty-eyed, intelligent Asians who were either taking over or destroying the world. Yellow peril science fiction was never large enough to be a genre in and of itself, but I decided it was worth traveling back in time to revisit the trend in its historical context. To kick off this topic, let me introduce you to a character you may already know. Fu Manchu, the Chinese master criminal with the infamous long sinister mustache, was created by British author Sax Rohmer around 1912 Space Pirates And Sex Mechas: The Best Scifi Hentai Without Tentacles [NSFW] This green-haired alien girl can rip your clothes off AND make you super-horny with just a strobe-flash of her eyes. Some people think science fiction hentai porn is all about tentacle monsters, but they're dead wrong. There are mad scientists who transform women into super-evolved sex-monsters, androids who need human sperm to upgrade their firmware, and women who ride naked on the shoulders of giant robots. Here's our complete guide to the worlds of science fiction hentai, with no tentacles. And yeah, it's not even remotely work-safe, unless you work on a sex-sphere.