Great lion-faced robots - the Voltron script that has been passed around for years finally has a director attached to it. Latino Review discovered that director Max Makowski is now attached to the Voltron project. Which means two things: One, we're getting a director who could go a little crazy on Voltron, and two, we're one step closer to watching the Voltron-versus-Optimus-Prime smackdown of my dreams.Who is this Max Makowski? Latino Review claims he's the new hotness in Hollywood right now. Makowski is supposed to direct an adaptation of the 1970s TV series Kung Fu, which warms my heart for his version of Voltron. Plus, he also directed One Last Dance which screened at Sundance and has produced Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I'm optimistic, because not just anyone can take on a Voltron movie. You really have to understand and love the whole complicated franchise. So I'd rather a newbie with something to prove take this on, than see some sort of Hollywood warhorse film it. [Latino Review]