Is nothing sacred any more? A new plot synopsis for the Dragonball movie includes a change from the storyline of the original anime. Also, there are two new revealing videos of the Transformers 2 filming, plus some detailed set pics. Smallville producers say they're thinking of introducing the villain you never thought young Clark would face. And there's a look ahead at Fringe episode five. Plus new hints about Heroes and Sarah Connor Chronicles. Spoilers are like your early-warning system for acts of cultural sabotage! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Filming continues on the Transformers sequel, and now there are a couple of splashy videos. First, there's a high-quality image of that giant truck explosion. [Transformers 2 - Movie Chronicles]

Explosion at Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Shoot from OneMoreNone on Vimeo. And here are Optimus and some other Autobots rolling out. And click the link for another video showing the Chevy Volt that seems to have joined the Autobots. [Transformers Live Action Movie Blog]

And w00t, here are some new photos, including a really clear view of that ice-cream truck Transformer, and a yellow Camaro, among others. I'm guessing that fuel tanker is rigged to explode. [Spoiler-TV-Movies]

Dragonball: The Japanese magazine Roadshow includes a new plot synopsis of Dragonball, which should sound pretty familiar to fans of the anime, with a few major changes. Goku decides to go on a quest to find Master Roshi and the seven balls, because it's the dying request of his grandfather Gohan. On his way to find Roshi, he meets Bulma, who decides to join him in his quest. (In the cartoon, isn't it Bulma's quest, and Goku decides to join in?) Anyway, Goku arrives at Roku's place, but instead of receiving a warm welcome, he's challenged to fight Roshi. But when Roshi discovers that Goku is Gohan's grandson, he trains him for the ultimate battle with Lord Piccolo, to keep Piccolo from getting the seven orbs. [DBTheMovie] And here are some promo pics, many of which you've seen before, but they're in higher quality. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Fringe: So maybe you've seen the pilot of J.J. Abrams' X-Files clone, but do you know what happens in the fifth episode? It's called "Power Hungry," and it features our three heroes investigating a mysterious incident where an elevator crashes five floors into a garage. There's an elaborate elevator-crash crime scene with emergency vehicles. And it turns out to be the work of a young guy named Joseph, who gives off a weird electrical charge. Joseph wakes up in the wrecked elevator, next to the dead body of an office girl he had a crush on, and utters a horrified "Oh god," before climbing out. It turns out there's a nefarious plot around Joseph, involving another scientist, played by Max Baker. And the good guys have to race to find Joseph and uncover the evil scheme. [Sci Fi Wire] Oh, and there's a sort of hint (although it's very vague) that Olivia and Peter may have a "love connection" at some point. It's along the lines of "on the fringe, anything can happen." [Fringe Television] And here are some more new posters. [Fringe Television]

Heroes: Daphne the speedster has some scenes with Linderman in early episodes. Is he pulling her strings? [Heroes The Series] Smallville: Major changes in Smallville season eight: Clark becomes much more proactive, seeking out trouble instead of reacting to it, and going on patrol more. In fact, he goes to work at the Daily Planet to gain access to a source of information about trouble brewing. But even though he works at the Planet, he still lives in Smallville. (Crazy commute!) And as we hinted the other day, Jimmy's blurry photo of a red-and-blue figure saving people starts Clark thinking he needs a costume... so Jimmy is responsible for the trademark tights. Although Clark offers Lois a room at the Kent family farm, he and Lois won't actually be living together... for now. And when Lana turns up for five episodes in the middle of the season, it makes Clark's life complicated because he was just moving forward and getting past the whole "Clana" thing. Meanwhile, the alien queen Maxima, who wants to mate with Clark and has the power to make herself irresistible, may appear in more than just one episode. Another potential Clark love interest: Tess, the new Lex Luthor replacement, has the hots for Clark. And there's talk about introducing Darkseid as an ongoing Smallville villain! Can you imagine the Smallville version of Darkseid? I'm not sure I want to. It hurts my brain. They also said they would love to have Wonder Woman in their version of the Justice League at some point. [E! Online] Sarah Connor Chronicles: That major honking death in the Terminator show's second season? Apparently it's shocking because of "what this specific death signifies in the scope of the Terminator" franchise, according to co-star Thomas Dekker. In other words, it's someone whose death has meaning for the larger Skynet/Terminators storyline. And as you've probably heard, bad shit happens to John in the first episode, and this pushes him towards becoming the mega-badass he's meant to be. [NY Daily News] And here's a new poster. Does this mean they're going on a road trip? Or is it just a metaphor? [IESB]

And here's a compilation of six new TV trailers, all of which include much of the same footage of Shirley Manson saying it's going to change the world and Sarah Connor saying they're like cops. But some new stuff here and there. [Sarah Connor Society via SpoilerTV] Click to view Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.