The more we hear about the new Battlestar Galactica TV movie, the more it sounds as though it'll have to reinvent the show's history a tad in order to make sense. But that could be a good thing, as writer Jane Espenson refashions some old continuity to tell a story about some Cylons on a journey of self-discovery. Star Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) was just at a Fan Expo, and he confirmed which characters will star in the movie, and when it's set. Including spoilers, of course.Says Douglas:

We're doing a movie that spans season one and two. It's a story about Cavil and Tyrol and Anders. It's going to be like Razor. It's going to air on TV and then go straight to DVD. It's not a feature film, it's basically an extended episode. We start filming that in September, and we'll finish in September.

This is my cue to go into some pointless speculation. The phrase "spans seasons one and two" could mean the TV movie covers the entirety of those two seasons, or it could mean the movie covers the end of season one and the beginning of season two. Either way, these are three characters who had never met each other during this time frame, unless my memory is worse than usual. Tyrol, of course, gets trapped on Kobol with Baltar, Cally and some other people at the end of season one and gets rescued a few episodes into season two. Did Tyrol have some kind of encounter on Kobol that we don't know about? (Could it have something to do with Crashdown, who's still one of my top picks for the final Cylon, and who was on Kobol as well?) Meanwhile, Anders doesn't meet Starbuck until season two, episode four — the same episode where Tyrol finally gets back to Galactica. And we don't meet Brother Cavil for the first time until the very end of season two, right? I'd have to rewatch "Lay Down Your Burdens" to be sure, but I'm pretty sure that's the first meeting between Tyrol and Cavil. [RGB Filter]