See another side of Land Of The Lost's Sleestaks in this morning's spoiler bonanza. Also, Transformers 2 co-writer Roberto Orci answered fans' questions about which robots to expect in the new movie - and addressed those rumors about Jonah Hill spurning the film. There's a plot twist in the Sarah Connor Chronicles that made me fall out of my chair when I read about it. There's the daily crazy Doctor Who rumor, plus a Fringe video you will never be able to unsee. All this, plus new details on Babylon A.D., Caprica, Heroes and Stargate Atlantis. Spoilers open your eyes to new possibilities! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Co-writer Robert Orci answered fans' questions about the Transformers sequel, and dropped a few hints. We probably won't see any more of the soda-machine Decepticon, Dispensor. He can't promise there will be no pissing this time around. He was coy about whether Soundwave will have minions. Some things that were too "out there" for the first movie will be in the second movie. (Like maybe that transforming aircraft carrier attack we featured concept art of?) There will "probably" be Transformers who have animal modes instead of human modes, like Scorponok. Orci also says it's not true that Jonah Hill pulled out of the movie because he was disgusted with the script - Hill read the script and expressed a concern that the character, Sam Witwicky's sidekick, was too similar to the roles he'd been playing already. Orci and his cowriter, Alex Kurtzman, said they'd be happy to make Hill's character different, and Hill was happy. But then the agents got involved, and it fell through somehow because of scheduling or an inability to reach a satisfactory arrangement. Also, Orci repeated past statements about the theme and structure of T:ROTF. We'll see the Transformers from early on in the film, instead of building up to a reveal as in the first film. And it's about being away from home, in the sense of Sam being off at college and in the sense of the Transformers being far from Cybertron. Also, instead of having three storylines running separately, this movie will have stories moving in parallel instead. Also, the writers "have talked about" including megavillain Unicron at some point. [TFW2005 via Slashfilm] Land Of The Lost: Here's a new image of Will Ferrell and a Sleestak named Enik, who guards a time portal and is a throwback to a more civilized era of Sleestak civilization. (More at the link.) [LA Times via Collider]

Babylon A.D.: In the dystopian future movie that opens Friday, Vin Diesel's mercenary character Toorop is banned in the U.S. as a terrorist. Also, Melanie Thierry's character Aurora has a breakdown/seizure on a submarine. [Sci Fi Weekly] Sarah Connor Chronicles: I was already super-excited for season two of the Terminator show, but a new plot twist has me even more jazzed. When Cromartie needed a new body in season one, he stole the appearance of a C-list actor (played by Garret Dillahunt, as is Cromartie now.) And it turns out that actor, George Lazlo, is still alive, and getting lots of attention as the suspect in the murder of all those FBI agents. As a result, all of Lazlo's crappy old movies are being rediscovered and becoming cult classics. [BuddyTV] Also, in the first episode of the new season, as the cast is dealing with the fallout from that car bomb, John Connor turns 16 and has to confront his heroic destiny on his own. And the season's eighth episode will be called "The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short." [SpoilerTV] Doctor Who: Grain of salt time: an article in the News Of The World claims two of the four 2009 Doctor Who specials will be filmed in the U.S. and will feature an American companion. And supposedly David Tennant will definitely leave after the specials. [Blogtor Who] Caprica: In the first few episodes of the Battlestar Galactica prequel (which is only greenlit as a TV movie so far), we never go into space at all. Caprica is about the machinations and subterfuge that go on inside big business, when they're developing something really important - in this case, artificial intelligence, says producer Michael Angeli. And here's how Ron Moore describes Caprica: "It's about a vibrant society. It's really at the height of its power and the height of its decadence at the same time... So it's really a thriving, vibrant culture that's going to come apart as we watch, but it's sort of the roller coaster. It's thrilling at the top when you see how far down you've got to go." So it sounds as though Caprica was already coming apart at the seams long before the Cylons destroyed it. [Associated Press] Smallville: In the seventh episode of Smallville season eight, "Identity," Jimmy Olson snaps a picture of a red-and-blue blur. Clark is determined to keep Jimmy from discovering the truth about who's been saving the day, and this forces Clark to confront some harsh truths about having a dual identity. [Kryptonsite] Meanwhile, Jimmy and Chloe do get married, but it doesn't go according to plan. In fact, it's a "bloody mess." [E! Online] Heroes: The fourth episode of Heroes season three is called "I Am Become Death." [Heroes Spoilers] Also, we mentioned that Future Sylar has a kid named Noah, after HRG. But the kid's mother is "silver-tongued and alive," says Zachary Quinto. Also, the Petrelli clan doesn't just have one living relative they didn't know about - they have two. A second secret Petrelli will be revealed later in the season. [E! Online] Fringe: Okay so many of you have already seen the pilot episode of J.J. Abrams' FBI agent/mad scientist team-up show. But maybe you'd still like to see an official Fringe music video of "Walking On Air"? There are also a ton of new promos at the link. [Spoiler TV]

Also, the crazy shit that happens in Fringe is always related to the characters and helps you explore their moral center, says creator J.J. Abrams. [TV Week]

Stargate Atlantis: The Sci Fi Channel released detailed plot information for the SGA two-parter, which airs on Sept. 26 and Oct. 10:

"First Contact": Stargate SG-1's Dr. Daniel Jackson travels to Atlantis when his research suggests that a rebellious Ancient scientist named Janus may have hidden a secret lab somewhere within the city. Hoping to find it, and possibly a significant portion of his unauthorized research, Jackson enlists Dr. McKay's help. An obscure log entry leads them to a cloaked lab where they unwittingly activate a signal on a distant planet. Hours later, the city is paid a visit by a group of mysterious aliens. Meanwhile Woolsey, along with Dr. Keller and Ronon, have joined Colonel Caldwell on board the Daedalus, leaving Sheppard in charge of Atlantis. They welcome Todd and his delegation to the ship to discuss testing Keller's gene therapy on live Wraith subjects. But events take a turn for the worse when Todd, suspecting them of betrayal, takes control of the Daedalus. "The Lost Tribe": Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Rodney McKay have been forced to reactivate the Attero device, a machine designed thousands of years ago to annihilate the Wraith. In doing so, they discover the reason the device was ultimately abandoned by its Ancient creator — while destroying Wraith ships that attempt to travel through hyperspace, the weapon inadvertently causes active Stargates to self-destruct. Meanwhile, Todd and his troops continue to hold Woolsey, Keller, Ronon and the Daedalus crew captive, convinced that they are behind the resurrection of this deadly technology. Fearing that if Todd succeeds in destroying the device, Jackson and McKay will most certainly be killed in the process, Sheppard calls on some old allies to help him rescue his friends.