Apparently there can be more than one Highlander - In fact, there can be plenty. In the wake of rumors about the new possible Highlander film over at Summit, we've heard our first casting report for the all-important Connor MacLeod. Who's in the running to don the kilt and sword combo?

JoBlo points to Journeyman star Kevin McKidd as the immortal replacement for the past Christopher Lambert character. At least the Scottish actor won't have to fake the accent. Supposedly McKidd spilled the beans about his name getting tossed around to star in Highlander on an Irish radio show. I was sad that Journeyman didn't do that well, because I loved McKidd as Lucius Vorenus in Rome, and he's definitely proved that the actor can pull off ancient garb and talk. McKidd would bring a much-needed sense of gritty reality to a Highlander remake. More information on the movie at the link. [JoBlo]