There are some differences of opinion that can only be settled with sweet, sweet violence. And surely one of them must be the eternal question: which science fictional villain is the most badass? After last week's poll about weak villains, you demanded a villain cage match - to the death - to help determine which science fictional baddie would rule supreme in infamy. And here it is! Update: Now with bonus round! A few notes: We left out the winner of the weak-villain poll (the formidable Trees from The Happening) but we'll have a special feature about them in a few days. We'll post the next "round" of this smackdown later this week or maybe next Monday, depending on how long voting seems to carry on for. In the incredibly unlikely event we left out a couple of crucial villains, we may add them in within the first few hours. We could add an extra "bonus round," and the winner of that round might be able to replace the winner of the all-important Biff vs. Zorg match. (I know, Biff and Zorg are pretty awesome villains too. But yeah.) So feel free to suggest a couple of extra contestants in the comments. Thanks! Update: I added an extra bonus round with everybody you felt like we'd left out. It's not a perfect solution, but then nothing ever is. Whoever wins the "bonus round" will replace the winner of the Biff/Zorg round and advance to the quarterfinals. And now, let the deadly contest of villainy begin!