They've gone from "Genesis," through "Generations," but for the second half of their third season, NBC's Heroes are going to go from being "Villains" to being "Fugitives." Or, at least, that's what show creator Tim Kring let slip while talking at the Edinburgh TV Festival this weekend.According to Kring, the much-publicized third volume, "Villains," will only last 13 of the third season's twenty-five episodes, after which the show will immediately begin its fourth volume, to be called "Fugitives." The fourth volume is expected to run twelve episodes through to the end of the third season. No plot details were given about "Fugitives," but given the show's love of ripping off - I mean, "paying homage to" - old X-Men comics, don't be too surprised if you see the main characters having to go on the lam from some official governmental attempt to seek out and destroy everyone with superpowers following an attempt to save the world gone horribly wrong. Kring also mentioned that the second half of season two, which was never filmed due to the writers' strike, would have been called "Exodus." And he said we won't learn any more about Kaitlin in Volume 3, but we will see more of Echo, the loud shouty postal worker from the webisodes. And the show is hoping to get invisible man Claude (Christopher Eccleston) back, as soon as Eccleston's schedule works out. [Heroes The Series] and [Heroes Spoilers]