Welcome to Cult Scifi Worship, our new weekly round-up where I'll be collecting and posting the indie, foreign or just plain unknown scifi films we didn't get a chance to show you earlier in the week. These movies may be small, but each should be worshipped like the golden calves of scifi goodness that they are. This week, I'll be showing you evil alien substitute teachers, trouble in a futuristic space prison, what happens when a paralysis epidemic sweeps Berlin, and a new kind of pink eye that can mutate and kill you. Trailers and stills for each after the jump.Dante 01 A new prisoner arrives in a maximum security space prison and is being processed in the prison psych ward, called Dante 01. This newest addition to the gang is the sole survivor of an alien attack, and apparently that turned him bad - so bad, in fact, that he starts a space prison riot. But is it his will being done, or some alien evilness? The cult French movie, the first solo directing job for Delicatessen's Marc Caro, will be released on January 2, 2009.

Abel A deadly outbreak sweeps through Berlin slowly paralyzing the masses; infected inhabitants are quarantined in their homes while the virus slowly takes hold of their bodies for three days. As the disease spreads, some survivors lock themselves in their own homes while others go door-to-door preying upon the helplessly immobile. Abel looks terrifying and promises to contain all kinds of different end of the world human psyches. Trailer and stills NSFW.

Click to view The Substitute (Vikaren) This Danish film features a chicken-eating sixth grade teacher, and we're not talking roasted with some nice root vegetables on the side, here. Her students aren't fooled by her niceness at all and, convinced that she's an alien, organize an assault on the creature. The Substitute will be released onto DVD October 14th.

Pink Eye Patients in an New York insane asylum are being used as lab rats for a mysterious drug test. When one of the mutated psychotics escapes, he unleashes a whole new kind of hell on the closest town. Watch the trailer below to see the patients go crazy and claw at their eyes when exposed to the asylum's drugs. Pink Eye will be out on DVD Sept. 30th.