Click to viewAs anyone who's read the original Wonder Woman comics knows, superhero comics have a proud - or maybe that should be ashamed - history of bondage undertones, whether it's Wonder Woman's Suffering Sappho or Emma Frost's off-panel nighttime activities with the Hellfire Club. But the recent appearances of two new supervillainesses is making us wonder: Have superhero comics finally grown up and become openly bondage-friendly?

It was one thing to see Mary Marvel's new Skin Two-friendly get-up in the recent third issue of DC's summer event book, Final Crisis - writer Grant Morrison has flirted with BDSM imagery before in books like The Invisibles, and has also given uber-badguy Darkseid's minions a very submissive attitude before, after all (Fittingly, considering that Darkseid is all about the eradication of anything but his will, and employs a team of "female furies" with names like "Lashina") - but this week's first appearance of new X-Men villain Red Queen seemed to suggest that maybe we're at the start of a new zeitgeist of superwomen getting their kink on.

What's next? Wonder Woman to start using that lasso in the ways that her creator intended? The Wasp to start using her stings to punish very bad boys? Batwoman with a ball-gag (Oh, wait; that's already happened - Look at the last page of Final Crisis #3)? We wait with baited breath... if we have your permission, of course, Mistress. Final Crisis #3 [DC Comics], Uncanny X-Men #501 [Marvel Comics] (And to everyone who's undoubtedly already writing their comments: We're already working on a run-down of the best subtextual Dominatrix Supervillains. Patience is a virtue.)