As if being murdered and then brought back to (un)life by a demon from Hell as a zombie superhero out for revenge wasn't bad enough, Todd McFarlane's Spawn is about to go through his most extreme transformation yet - into a giant robot. As part of October's new Robot Wars line of toys, McFarlane is taking his once-popular hellbound superhero in a more mecha direction.

The new line sets up a brand-new setting for the character. According to the publicity for the toys,

The historic 35th line of SPAWN action figures makes the leap to the year 3047, when a heroic team of robot warriors fights to defend Earth from the unstoppable force of the villainous Mechanoid Army.

Mechanoid Army? 3047? What's that got to do with Martin Sheen overacting like crazy, that's what I want to know. Still, at least they look cool, which is probably the main thing. Spawn Series 35: Robot Wars []