The spoiler onslaught continues. We have a trippy explanation of what Vin Diesel's Babylon A.D. is really about. We got a ton of script pages from upcoming episodes of Knight Rider and Chuck - and the deranged Knight Rider storyline must be read to be believed. (There's some super high-level computer science mixed in with that car-wrangling!) There are also new photos from the filming of Torchwood season three, and some Heroes promo pix. Plus details on some new Lost guest stars. It's all part of our ongoing spoiler frenzy! Babylon A.D.: Co-star Melanie Thierry explained what the Vin Diesel-starring Babylon A.D. is really about:

You have the love story... It's not only an action movie. It goes beyond that. We have the humanity just so close to the chaos. It's frightening. It's talking about clones. It's talking about global warming. It's about terrorism. It's about the danger of ... science. And I know I'm very afraid about the danger of science. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it goes too far and it's dangerous. It's about religion.

That narrows it down. [Sci Fi Wire] Lost: Here are casting calls for two guest-stars who will show up in the second episode of Lost season five:

  • Darlene: Early 20s, any ethnicity. A bored clerk who hates her sucky job and looks for any burst of excitement to get through the shift. Alternative in dress and style, plays guitar in her own band but needs the day job to pay the bills...CO-STAR.
  • Jill: Late 20s to late 30s; any ethnicity. A butcher who is one hard-as-nails cool chick. A tomboy, bit of a searcher, and highly competent beyond her station in life...CO-STAR.

[SpoilersLost] Torchwood: Filming of Torchwood's shortened season three started up, with actor Paul Copley (Coronation Street) joining the cast. So far, there are just a few photos of Eve Myles wearing her usual outfit. But fans report they've seen Noel Clark (Mickey) on set with John Barrowman. There's also a scene where Rhys steals this guy's laptop, while Gwen keeps him distracted. There was a lot of filming at the Coal Exchange, a gorgeous old abandoned building. [Blogtor Who and Wales Online and Doctor Who Forum]

Heroes: Another glamorous look at how the cast of Heroes will appear in season three. Ando looks pretty snazzy in that suit, and it looks like Maya will be hitting Forever 21. [Heroes Spoilers]


Knight Rider: I got hold of a ton of script pages for the sixth Knight Rider episode, "I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll All Night," and my eyes are still bleeding. The pages were released as "casting sides," but they're almost certainly actual script pages. Mike and Sarah are investigating a terrorist guy named Max, and his accomplice, a Congressman's daughter named Nikki Grant. Meanwhile, Sarah and Max are having a harder and harder time dealing with their lingering sexual tension, with Mike making sassy comments about how frisky they used to be when they were 16. At one point, Mike and Sarah are processing their relationship in front of KITT the super-car, and Sarah gets embarrassed, so Mike asks if KITT can shut himself down. KITT says yes, but the bad guys are approaching. Later, Mike comes to Sarah's "pod" and tries to seduce her. And at the end of the episode, Mike is all like, "One boy, one girl, one pod, one night," which is the crappiest come-on ever. And Sarah is tempted. Meanwhile, Nikki and Max are trying to break into top-secret installations together because that's what terrorists do. And at one point, Nikki shoots Mike in the arm. Later, when Mike and Sarah get the drop on Nikki and Max, Max tries to use Nikki as a human shield with a knife at her throat. Mike's all like, "The human shield thing works better if you use someone who hasn't shot me." Eventually, the good guys catch Nikki, but her Congressman dad tries to pull some strings to get her out of trouble. And then the Congressman and Nikki want to have a private talk alone in Charles Graiman's office - which is just an excuse for Nikki to use her wireless gizmo to hack into Graiman's computer and steal KITT's "entire operating schematic." Pwned! GRAIMAN: She couldn't have logged onto my computer. My system's locked. BILLY: It's still locked, but it's been breached. And a bit later: SARAH: She must have had some kind of wireless scanner. And then Max rescues Nikki! OMG! And that leads to a great sequence where Max and Nikki are uploading KITT's schematics. Mike confronts them and asks if they're selling KITT's secrets to North Korea. And Nikki says no, they're uploading them to the internet so everyone can know the truth about what their government is up to. (I'd be like, "My government's making a super-car? Cool!") That leads to this amazing line of dialog: BILLY (a few miles away at the Graiman HQ): I blocked their transfer but ran a mimic program to make it look like it went through. Dude! He blocked the transfer AND ran a mimic program on it. That's some hard core haxx0r shit. And then Max and Nikki make the mistake of trying to make a getaway in KITT, who totally gasses them. Okay, there's more, but my eyes have started bleeding again. [Script pages] Oh, meanwhile, remember that totally insanely ludicrous script I reviewed in way too much detail a while back? The one about the road-racing kids who want a lime green lamborghini, and later they bury Mike up to his neck in the sand and almost run him over? Anyway, remember the road-racing groupie girl that Mike impresses with his KITT-given knowledge of Pablo Neruda? Well, here's the first picture of her, played by Kristine Anapau. [Moviehole via Knight Rider Online]

And here's some more Knight Rider eye candy, from the episode "Knight In Shining Armor." [Knight Rider online]

Chuck: Luckily, as a palate-cleanser of sorts, I also scored a bunch of script pages for the ninth episode of Chuck season two. That's the one where Casey's old sensei turns traitor and sells arms to bad guys. He also steals a rocket directional system from the Jet Propulsion Lab, which could be used to steer a nuclear weapon. The script keeps mentioning in the directions that "if Casey had feelings" he'd be pissed off or furious or whatever. Early on in the episode, Casey manages to bury a pen in his former sensei's arm. Unfortunately, it's a Buy-More pen with the address of the store where Casey and Chuck work. In the end, Casey and Chuck confront the former sensei, Bennett, and Chuck is encouraging Casey to open up: "Tell him, Casey! Bare your soul!" Casey just tries to strangle Chuck, who tells Sarah: "Casey doesn't really have a calm center. He has an angry center." Casey beats on his former sensei, the judo/karate/etc. super-black-belt, in front of all his evil disciples. The sensei, beat to a pulp, yields. And Casey tells the minions: "There's your sensei. Take a good look. Who's next?" Nobody volunteers to receive a Casey beat-down. Meanwhile, we meet Captain Awesome's parents, Woody and Honey Woodcomb, in town to plan Captain Awesome and Ellie's wedding. (Woody explains that his dad thought a bad nickname builds character.) They're both doctors, and are just as buff and can-do as the Captain, going for 10000 mile bike rides early in the morning. They decide that they want to be Ellie's new parents, and pressure her to call them Mom and Dad. They insist on Ellie registering for wedding presents at Buy More, including a vacuum sealer so Saturday's barbecue can become Sunday's picnic. And a camcorder for the honeymoon, and then the grandkids. At one point, Sarah and Ellie are having dinner with the Awesomes while Chuck is handcuffed at the Orange Orange and trying to use yogurt to make his hand slippery enough to get out of the cuffs. (It just gets messy.) Woody offers to walk Ellie down the aisle since her dad's not in the picture, and Ellie flips out:

I said yes to the big Connecticut wedding, yes to the burgundy organza bridesmaid dresses, yes to the harpist and the calla lillies and the doves released after the I-do's, but I can't say yes any more. I know you're both just trying to help, but the answer is no. No to everything.

She rushes out, and there's an awkward pause. Then Daddy Awesome turns to Sarah and says, "So. Sarah, you're in the yogurt game." [Script pages] And hey, here are some cute pics from the Chuck season opener, "Chuck vs. The First Date." Chuck on a date with Sarah, and it looks like Michael Clarke Duncan gets in the way. Update: gallery should now have all the pics. [SpoilerTV]