The Flaming Lips host an alienChristmas on Mars, with acid and eggnog for everyone. Finally, the science fictional Christmas masterpiece from the Flaming Lips' musicans is getting released on DVD, plus shown in select venues. Soon, we'll be able to watch front man Wayne Coyne play a green Martian who rescues the crew from a downed spaceship from imminent death, while spreading Christmas cheer across the galaxy. Click through for more details on where to see this, plus a gallery of stills and the trailer.

Christmas on Mars features original music by the Flaming Lips, and all the members of the band will be acting with with SNL's Fred Armisen along with Adam Goldberg. There will be a screening of Christmas in Mars at New York City's KGB Complex's Kraine Theater on September 12 at 7 AM and on September 30 at 11 PM. If you miss those, you'll have to wait for the DVD release on October 8. [Cinemapurgatorio]