Lego justice has a new name - Barbara Gordon. You may never get to see Batgirl in another Batman movie, but she'll turn up in the new Lego Batman video game, and we've got the first look at Commissioner Gordon's red-headed girl in action. The newly released pics do raise one unsettling question, though - are they really going to have Barbara square off (sorry) with the Joker?

Some of these action pics appear to take place in some kind of funhouse, surrounded by carnival finery. Could this be some kind of Joker lair? Considering what happened the last time Barbara faced the Joker, is it really a good idea to remind people? (In the comics, Alan Moore decided to prove how hardcore he was by having the Joker shoot Barbara in the spine and then take dirty pictures of the newly paralyzed girl.) Also, is that Man-Bat, aka chiropteromorph scientist Kirk Langstrom, in the backdrop of one shot? We totally need Lego Man-Bat!